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In Defense of ‘House of Cards’ Season 3’s Divisive Finale

After I watched the first four episodes of House of Cards‘ third season, I noted that the Frank Underwood who had wormed his way into the Oval Office was a Frank Underwood who had lost his fundamental sense of purpose. A week after Netflix unleashed the 13 latest installments of the Underwood saga, that opinion still stands. But one plot development promises to pull the show out of its directionless (and worse yet, boring) nihilism — not by altering its pitch-black DNA, but by giving its darkness a more constructive outlet. … Read More

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Slime Mold Becomes a Musician and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Becomes Snowden: Links You Need to See

There’s nothing like watching a relatively serious, seemingly well-researched episode of machiavellian political TV, getting self-congratulatory about how you’re managing to understand the political jargon and follow weaving plots, feeling wholly immersed, feeling nearly like a very intelligent fly on a White House wall — only to have Kevin Spacey turn to you, swat you off the wall and back onto your couch, saying something heinously on the nose about power vs. money. All House of Cards watchers know the experience of the show’s winding narrative being unceremoniously broken by a jowly sideways glance at the camera; if you are, for some reason, a proponent of the controversial style choice, try watching all instances of the show’s pseudo-Shakespearean fourth wall-breaking back to back. … Read More

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Frank Underwood Finally Gets What He Wants in ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 — and That’s the Problem

House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood gets his fair share of Macbeth comparisons, but the show is something of a tragic figure in its own right. It simply doesn’t know what it wants to be: is it a slick, cynical look at Washington — The West Wing, with pessimism? Or is it a shamelessly over-the-top melodrama that just happens to be set in and around the White House — Scandal, with swearing? House of Cards’ greatest weakness has always been that it tries to be both, and even when it commits to one vision over the other, it’s bound to sacrifice some of its core appeal. In the case of Season 3, that means prioritizing the former over the… Read More

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New ‘House of Cards’ Teaser Features More Dramatic Smiles and Fitness Routines

House of Cards fanatics are counting down the days until February 27th (that’s four days!), when Season 3 of the hit… Read More

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Check Out the First Photo of Michael Shannon as Elvis and Kevin Spacey as Nixon in ‘Elvis & Nixon’

There they are! What you see above are the first pictures of Michael Shannon playing Elvis and Kevin Spacey… Read More

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Watch: ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Trailer

“You want to know what takes real courage? Holding it all together when the stakes are this high,” Kevin Spacey’s… Read More

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50 Great Pre-Fame Performances by Famous Actors

This week, the Criterion Collection is releasing a double bill of the mid-‘60s Westerns The Shooting and Ride the Whirlwind, a treat not only for fans of revisionist Westerns and director Monte Hellman, but also for those who admire Jack Nicholson, here seen in two terrific performances that predate his breakthrough in Easy Rider. There’s a specific kind of pleasure in revisiting the early work of actors who would later become famous — not the roles that made them stars, but their earlier, quieter gigs, in which we glimpse an actor just trying to do good work, yet already exhibiting the spark that would mark them for fame. Here are a few of our… Read More

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The 10 Worst Movies Based on Real Political Events

Last week, everybody got a big chuckle (some more than others) out of The Hollywood Reporter’s scoop that Michael Bay — best known for making movies about cars transforming into giant robots and blowing shit up — is in talks to helm 13 Hours, a political drama about the 2012 attack on the US embassy in Benghazi. And while most of those titters come from the participation of meathead entertainment maker and short-short connoisseur Bay (and from speculating on the various ways in which he could fumble the attack’s narrative, in light of its subsequent status as a political football), there’s also some rightful skepticism about the ability of anyone in Hollywood to make this particular “political drama,” since that’s a subgenre the movie industry seems so inclined to fuck up. So on this most political of days, let’s take a quick walk down that hall of shame, shall we? … Read More

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