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10 Great Road Movies About Women

Wild, director Jean-Marc Vallée’s film version of Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling memoir, hits DVD and Blu-ray this week, and is well worth your time — both on its own merits and as part of the fascinating and ongoing history of the female road movie. While tales of the open road often focus on male buddies (Easy Rider) or lovers on the run (Badlands, True Romance, Natural Born Killers), some of our favorite road movies track the physical and psychological journeys of women. Here are a few… Read More

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Iconic Film and TV Vehicles Get a Playful Reimagining in ‘Greatest Rides’

Can you possibly imagine Back to the Future without the DeLorean? Or The Dukes of Hazzard without the General Lee? In certain television shows and movies, the iconic vehicles the main characters cruise around in are so instantly recognizable that they’ve become as culturally important as their drivers. Illustrator Ido Yehimovitz plays around with this idea in the series Greatest Rides (spotted via Faith is Torment), in which some of the most famous vehicles in recent pop culture history get a playful, cartoon-like revamp. Take a look at Yehimovitz’s series after the jump, which features rides ranging from the Blues Brothers’ police car to the souped-up ambulance driven by the Ghostbusters.  … Read More

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Fascinating Composite Portraits of Every Face in a Movie

Seoul-based artist group Shinseungback Kimyonghun — creative duo Shin Seung Back and Kim Yong Hun, who we learned about on Booooooom — created custom software that configures a composite image reflecting the average face in a movie. The program tracks a person’s face every 24 frames. The final portrait is fascinating, because it resembles a ghostly version of each movie’s biggest stars. Avatar is particularly weird due to the movie’s humanoid characters. After the jump, check out the faces from Taxi Driver, Black Swan, and more. We’ve also included a video so you can watch Shinseungback Kimyonghun’s process in action. … Read More

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Killer Italian Artwork Inspired by Great American Movies

Italian illustrator and cartoonist Massimo Carnevale has been capturing attention on film blogs all over the world for his beautiful and inventive artwork inspired by scenes from American movies; he makes striking use of color and repurposed iconography, creating works that are both recognizably his and true to the spirit of the films that inspired them. After the jump, join us for a quick stroll past some of our favorites by this prolific artist. … Read More

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Imaginative Ads for Pop Culture’s Most Famous Fictional Products

Few institutions hold the key to our pop culture-obsessed heart like Gallery 1988, the dual-location Los Angeles art gallery that showcases art celebrating our favorite films, music, and TV. The latest exhibit for the Venice Gallery is Product Placement, consisting of imagined artwork for fictional products from all points of the pop culture universe. Join us after the jump for a preview of the show, which opens Saturday and runs through March 30th, including inventive ads for Red Apple cigarettes, Soul Glo hair products, Dapper Dan pomade, and more. … Read More

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30 Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Quentin Tarantino Films

It’s been three years since we’ve been graced with a film from hyper director, Quentin Tarantino, but western throwback tale Django Unchained hits theaters on Christmas, and fans are brimming with anticipation. QT has only directed about 10 films (unless you don’t count the scene he shot in Sin City), but his filmography is loaded with graphic and stylish imagery that makes a lasting impression. The intensity and loyalty of Quentin Tarantino fandom ranks just about as high as Star Wars, which is why we’re not surprised to see his films etched across the flesh of adoring fans everywhere. We scouted high and low for amazing tattoos that were inspired by Tarantino’s movies — the ones he’s directed, written, and starred in. If you have your own QT-inspired tattoo, leave us a link so we can check it out! … Read More

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10 of Film’s Greatest Training Montages

The London 2012 Summer Olympics kick off tonight with Danny Boyle’s highly-anticipated opening ceremony, and like most people around the world right now, we can’t wait to curl up on the couch for the next 17 days and be blown away by the crazy athletic prowess on display. Watching competitors put their all into winning a medal can be pretty darn inspiring, but of course we’re seeing the results of weeks, months, and even years of training. Luckily, there are a ton of films to help us imagine those moments that we didn’t see using one of the best cinematic devices created: the training montage. Check out ten classic sequences below, and let us know what we may have missed in the comments! … Read More

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Illustrations of Classic Movies in Miniature Style

What do you get when you combine the iconic imagery of classic films like Star Wars and The Godfather with the style of Ottoman miniature? Istanbul-based illustrator Murat Palta decided to explore this unlikely juxtaposition as part of the portfolio that he created for his thesis project, and we find the resulting images incredibly entertaining.

“It all started two years ago with an experiment to blend traditional ‘oriental’ (Ottoman) motifs and contemporary ‘western’ cinema,” he explains. “After a positive response to Ottoman Star Wars, I decided to take the theme further, and developed more film posters using the same technique. Combining global with local, traditional with contemporary, and adding a bit of humor made it a fun and rewarding experience for me.” Click through to check out the series, head over to The Curious Brain to get a look at each of the pieces in even greater detail, and then let us know in the comments what kind of marks you’d give his work. … Read More

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