Kraftwerk Will Tour North America This Fall

The infamous German experimental musical/art group Kraftwerk has announced via press release that they will be returning to North America… Read More

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Rock Hall Nominees 2015: A Realistic Guide to Their Chances

Every fall, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces the nominees for the following year’s induction ceremony, and every fall, music fans find new reasons to fault the organization. Sure, I’m perpetually disappointed by the lack of female inductees, but that’s as much about rock history being dominated by men as it is about the nomination committee’s views, which are tangled up in all kinds of Rolling Stone think. (I’m also disappointed by the ongoing snub of ELO; why don’t people realize the genius of Jeff Lynne outside of their hits?!) Point is, most people who still care about the Rock Hall recognize at least one flaw within the Hall’s selections. … Read More

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10 Musicians You Never Knew Had Their Own TV Shows

The folk at Dangerous Minds specialize in unearthing fascinating obscurities from the depths of the Internet, but they outdid themselves this week by finding a clip from a pilot for a sitcom Kraftwerk made in the early 1970s, circa The Man-Machine. The spectacle of what must surely be the strangest TV show you’ve seen in quite some time got us thinking about other musicians’ curious TV ventures — so here are ten of the most weird and wonderful, from Snoop’s sketch comedies to New Kids on the Block not playing themselves in their own… Read More

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2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Include Joan Jett, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its nominees for 2013, and the group might just be the most diverse yet. The acts that have been selected this time around include many that don’t fit traditional definitions of “rock and roll” — including not only hip hop groups like Public Enemy and N.W.A., but also Kraftwerk, who the Guardian notes would be “the first all-synthesiser group to join the assorted grizzled legends of the Hall of Fame.” Also on the list are Chic and Donna Summer, who were nominated but not inducted in 2011, and ’70s funk stars The Meters.

But don’t worry, Rolling Stone readers — the list still features quite a few rock stars. Both Heart and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts return after frustratingly unsuccessful 2012 nominations. As for the rest of the rock and roll field, from which last year’s nominees The Cure are conspicuously absent? Unless you’re big into prog — Deep Purple! Rush! Procol Harum! — it’s not a particularly inspiring bunch. Sorry, purists, but this year we’re hoping the Rock Hall of Fame puts innovation ahead of genre loyalty. See the whole list of nominees below and share your gripes in the comments. … Read More

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Strange But True: ‘Kraftwerk’ Was Trending on Twitter

Wondering why Kraftwerk was suddenly a trending topic on Twitter earlier today? The band is performing their entire back catalogue at MoMA over the course of eight nights in April, the tickets for their residency — which went on sale at noon — are now completely sold out. Apparently the entire process was a virtual debacle, and plenty of people who were held captive by captcha or kept waiting in a queue for over an hour walked away angry and empty-handed. Not that we’d ever find pleasure in the pain of others, but some really hilarious tweets resulted from their incredible frustration. Click through for a selection of our favorites, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you were one of the lucky few who managed to score a pair of tickets to see the German electronic pioneers live. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we wondered what Larry King will do during retirement after leaving his 27-year-long career with CNN. We learned about the link between fear and abstract art. We peeked at the script for the Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-winning The Artist starring Jean Dujardin. We celebrated Phil Collins Day. We took a… Read More

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Pantone Swatch Remakes of Classic Album Covers

Reimagined album covers are apparently the new minimalist posters. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve enjoyed brand-new art for classic hip-hop records, covers inspired by the experience of listening to music, clip-art versions of famous album sleeves, and even covers where dead musicians have been Photoshopped out. But our inner design geek is especially excited about the latest take on the trend, graphic designer David Marsh’s series of album covers recreated in Pantone color swatches. See Primal Scream, Grace Jones, Patti Smith, and David Bowie albums through the eyes of a color expert after the jump, and then be sure to check out more of Marsh’s work on Tumblr and Flickr — where you’ll also find some excellent minimalist posters. … Read More

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Classic Albums Covers Remade with Clip Art

Tumblr is apparently the best thing that’s happened to album covers since Andy Warhol. Last week, we were fascinated and depressed by a blog that Photoshops dead musicians out of classic record sleeves; today, we’re giggling through Clipart Covers, a Tumblr that recreates album covers using clip art and Comic Sans. Enjoy amusingly remixed art for everyone from Neutral Milk Hotel to NWA after the jump, and follow Clipart Covers to see more wonderful remakes and request some of your own. … Read More

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Manda Rin’s Manga-Inspired Remakes of Classic Album Covers

Fans of ’90s indie pop will know Manda Rin as the frontwoman of Glaswegian trio Bis, who broke up in 2003. These days, after weathering a difficult MS diagnosis, Rin has embarked upon a solo career and also makes art. In addition to creating graphics for an iPhone game called All Fridges Are Psychotic, she showed some new work over the weekend at Glasgow Popfest 2011. Titled Cover Versions and Other Hits, the exhibition collects Rin’s remakes of classic album covers, in the signature manga-inspired style that was ubiquitous in Bis’s album art. Check out some of our favorites, from Nirvana to X-Ray Spex to Sleater-Kinney, after the jump. Then visit Rin’s website to see more. … Read More

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