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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Bill Hader

Bill Hader was the first male performer on SNL to be nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series since Eddie Murphy in 1983. He’s an exceptional improv comedian with oodles of charm (especially when he breaks character), who has a gift for impressions. Even though Hader retired from the SNL stage just last year, it’s no wonder he’s back as the show’s host. Like you, we’re hoping to see some classic Hader characters make a comeback. Dig in, below. … Read More

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It’s National Poetry Day: Links You Need To See

Everybody, it’s National Poetry Day! What does that mean? Nothing, really, other than that people who probably identify as “definitely uninterested” in poetry — and this is probably most people, sadly — are once again reminded of its existence. So, hey. Here’s a poem by James Schuyler called “The Bluet.” And here is a good not-really-poetry book by Maggie Nelson called “Bluets.” Oh, there’s also a poetry quiz, in case you need to be called back to junior year of high school. Hurrah, poetry exists. Now read it. … Read More

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Watch Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Embarrass a Genuinely Terrible Local TV Reporter

Press tours aren’t fun for anybody, really—not the publicist who have to organize them, not the journalists who… Read More

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Kristen Wiig and Ellen Sing Arresting “Let It Go” Duet

Kristen Wiig appeared on Ellen yesterday to promote her acclaimed dramedy The Skeleton Twins, and the two stopped everything to whip… Read More

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The 10 Greatest Lip-Sync Scenes in Pop Culture History

This weekend, the Bill Hader-Kristen Wiig dramedy The Skeleton Twins rolls out in limited release, and it’s well worth a look. When I saw the film at Sundance earlier this year, I had one immediate thought: that lip-sync scene is gonna be huge on YouTube. It’s part of a long tradition in pop culture, wherein a mood of camaraderie, eccentricity, or affection is established by having our characters throw themselves into a live, mimed performance of a recorded classic. These are a few of our favorites. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in September

Fall movie season is upon us, which means the studios are gearing up for their Oscar campaigns by releasing the kind of thoughtful, intelligent, adult-oriented movies that the indies have been cranking out all damn year. But the art houses aren’t shutting down for the season. Here are just a few of this month’s limited and VOD releases that are worth your… Read More

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Watch Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Play Miserable Siblings in Trailer for ‘The Skeleton Twins’

Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig’s upcoming film The Skeleton Twins has the kind of trailer that’s so promising, you want to replay… Read More

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg joins tonight’s SNL cast to say goodbye to the 39th season. It’s a somewhat unusual choice in that Samberg was never a strong live performer during his stint on the series. More importantly, however, he introduced an era of “Digital Shorts,” beloved for their big production values, surreal effects, and celebrity cameos. It was a smart way to bring SNL up to speed in the Internet age, keeping it relevant, giving viewers an opportunity to tap into the spirit of the series on their own time. As we leave 39 behind, it’s still unclear who will be checking out (Nasim Pedrad will be busy with FOX sitcom Mulaney this fall) and which featured players will continue on (did any of them really get enough screen time?). The future is uncertain, but let’s leave those worries behind as we conclude another wildly uneven season with (hopefully) a few laughs. … Read More

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15 Possible Letterman Replacements Who Aren’t White Dudes

This week, David Letterman announced his retirement from his eponymous late-night talk show. While he won’t retire until sometime next year, people are already speculating about who will replace him on the show he’s helmed for over 20 years. And, in typical fashion, most of the predictions veer in the direction of Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, or Conan O’Brien. Given that the late-night talk show landscape is almost exclusively the territory of white men, we have a few suggestions of comedians who could replace Letterman and — gasp! — aren’t white… Read More

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