Kumail Nanjiani

‘Inside Amy Schumer’s’ 12 Angry Men, Ranked

Every episode of Inside Amy Schumer deserves to be talked about, but there’s always one segment that rises above the rest and necessitates a little extra conversation. In lieu of recapping full episodes, we’re here to help you with water-cooler conversation by letting you know which sketch was an absolute must-watch. … Read More

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‘The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail’ Tries to Cram Too Much Comedy Into Half-Hour Episodes — and Often Succeeds

For the past four years, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail has been the flagship show at Los Angeles’ NerdMelt Showroom. It’s a weekly comedy showcase (“alt-comedy” seems to be the preferred descriptor whenever the show is written up) hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani and featuring a nice mix of drop-ins from big names and great sets from “lesser-known” comedians. It’s an intimate show in an intimate setting, but Comedy Central recently took on the task of translating it to an eight-episode television series. … Read More

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Mike Judge’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is the Next Great HBO Comedy

AUSTIN, TX: Silicon Valley, Mike Judge and Alec Berg’s new HBO comedy, opens with a rather alarmingly incongruous image: Kid Rock, on a neon-covered stage, in mid-performance. Lest we worry that we’ve accidentally switched over to NASCAR, Judge pulls back to reveal where Rock is performing: in front of a sparsely populated, totally uninterested party of tech geeks. The man throwing the party just made a mint selling his product to Google; the four men first seen standing around drinking beer (a subconscious shout-out to Judge’s King of the Hill) are on the other side of the equation, coders and programmers slaving away, desperately hoping to get rich off the next big thing. And then, almost accidentally, one of them discovers it. … Read More

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Exclusive: A Comic from Pakistan? Kumail Nanjiani Is No Joke

Kumail Nanjiani has been having a busy year. Based in New York, the Pakistani-born comic has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, periodically popped up from under Steven Colbert’s desk as an unsuspecting terrorist, and been awarded the 2009 ECNY trophy for his timely one-man show, Unpronounceable. Fresh off a writing stint on Comedy Central’s Michael & Michael Have Issues, Nanjiani takes a break from his busy schedule to chat with Flavorpill about being a shy kid, a top-ten comic, and the etiquette involved in appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman.… Read More

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Exclusive: Ten Questions with Funnyman Eugene Mirman

This month, comedian extraordinaire Eugene Mirman released his first book, The Will to Whatevs. Featuring chapters such as “The Fifty N’s of Nightlife” and “The Heart, the Penis, and Mrs. Vagina,” it provides an abbreviated guide to just about every aspect of modern life. Of course, it’s the kind of guide you’d need a severe head injury to actually follow, but as with most things in Mirman’s world, that’s pretty much the point. This year, he returns to his supporting role on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, as well as joining the cast of Adult Swim’s new show Delocated. He’s also set to release his third live comedy album, and has some big-screen plans in the works. This week, he hits the tail end of his current book-release tour, after which he’s staying out on the road with John Wesley Harding for the duo’s Cabinet of Wonders.

After the jump, we catch up with Mirman amid all the chaos to see how he’s holding up, learn more about his All-Night Think Tank Party League, and discover his plan to reinvent the audiobook. … Read More

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