20 Awesome Holiday Gifts for the Movie Geek in Your Life

Well, kids, holiday shopping season is upon us, and Flavorwire is here to help you figure out what to get the most problematic person on your list: the movie geek, the family film fan with antisocial tendencies and cinematic inclinations. Luckily, there’s an abundance of terrific new books, box sets, and paraphernalia for cinephiles; we’ve picked out some of the… Read More

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Exciting Posters for Cult Movie Sequels That Never Happened

The powers that be in Hollywood have been working overtime and turning the crank on the sequel machine for decades. Sometimes it’s hard not to be cynical about a part two when many movie follow-ups are made simply for the money. But what about a sequel that fans actually want? Enter iam8bit’s latest exhibition, Sequel — part tribute to the cult movies we love, part commentary on Hollywood’s obsession with sequels. Our fellow pop culture-loving friends at the West Coast gallery invited more than 40 artists to imagine movie sequels that never were. If you’ve had your fingers crossed for another Goonies, Blade Runner, or Labyrinth, then this is your happy place. We have a preview of these fictional follow-ups, below (prints will be available for purchase at iam8bit). If you’re in the Los Angeles area, RSVP today for the opening of Sequel on Thursday, November 13 at 7PM. The show runs through November 23. … Read More

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10 Movies That Prove Children’s Cinema Was Scarier in the ’80s

If you have fond memories of children’s movies in the 1980s, clearly you are much stronger than I am. The decade turned out lots of uncomfortably dark and incredibly terrifying movies, both live-action and animated, that make that final sequence of Toy Story 3 seem like Fantasia. In the spirit of celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the scariest scary kids’ flicks, The Land Before Time (yup, 25 years ago this week! you’re old!), here’s a rundown of harrowing cinematic moments from our childhood. … Read More

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5 Cult Movies That Deserve Straight-to-Video Sequels

Showgirls fans rejoice! Rena Riffel, who played minor character Penny Slots in the original film, has written, produced, and directed a sequel to the classic B-movie, aptly titled Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven. And yes, she reprises her original role. This time, Penny heads to Los Angeles to chase her own dreams of stardom in what appears to be a cinematic amalgamation of the original Showgirls, Black Swan, Mulholland Drive, and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls… Read More

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Exclusive: Cocktails Inspired by David Bowie

Let’s glitz up the holiday with a little Bowie action, shall we? If you’ve been hanging around Flavorwire for the past few months, you may have come across our Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock cocktails. Now, because we love us some David Bowie, we’re paying homage to the star with our very first batch of musician-themed cocktails. We’ve got everything (and by everything we mean six drinks) from Ziggy to Jareth, so check ’em out after the jump, and listen to this while you’re at it. ‘Tis the season! … Read More

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Beautiful Art Nouveau Posters of ’80s and ’90s Movie Heroines

Combining a love for childhood movie heroines and elaborate art nouveau style, Deviant Artist kishokahime has created a beautiful series of nostalgic posters. If you’ve ever dreamed about owning the dress Lili wore for her dance with Darkness in Ridley Scott’s Legend, or if you adore Sarah and her journey through Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, then this is a set of prints you won’t want to miss. Every magical, fantasy film that has ever captured your imagination is represented, but kishokahime is promising this is an ongoing series with more art prints to come. We can’t wait to buy our own after spotting the artist’s work on Nerd Approved (thanks to Slashfilm). Wander our gallery for a trip down memory lane, and tell us which genre heroine is your favorite. … Read More

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The 10 Most Lovable Movie Monsters of All Time

This past Friday marked the theatrical release of Frankenweenie, Tim Burton’s full-length animated adaptation of his 1984 live-action short of the same name (which he was fired from Disney for making). We loved the original (we’re pretty sure we wore that VHS tape right out), so we’ve always had a soft spot for Sparky that hasn’t been the least bit dampened by his, ahem, reanimation. As a side effect (there are always side effects for these kinds of things), the film’s release has had us meditating on some other cute monsters from cinema, so we’ve put together a list of the most lovable movie monsters of all time — according to us, of course. Click through to saw “aww” at some adorably grotesque faces, and if we’ve missed your favorite, be sure to add to our list in the comments! … Read More

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10 Iconic Films That Used Talent Doubles

A filmmaker’s job is akin to that of a magician. Many films are just cleverly crafted fantasies devised to make us forget the miserable and mundane for two hours and transport us to a far away place. Movies are an illusion that audiences can’t get enough of. So what happens when the veil is lifted, and we get to take a peek behind the curtain? We found out earlier this week when we spotted this video on io9 centering on fantasy cult film Labyrinth. In the 1986 movie, David Bowie’s Goblin King can twirl a trio of crystal balls like no other, but the English musician can’t take full credit for his magic skills. His talent double did all the behind-the-scenes work.

Thanks to a group of invisible performers who posses the skills and expertise in the fields of fine art, dance, and more, Hollywood stars get to look like believable pros on the big screen. See how some of films’ most famous had a little help from their talent doubles,… Read More

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Cinema’s Most Famous Babies: Where Are They Now?

Folks, it’s time to shift our attention to a special breed of actors: the ones who can’t remember performing in their respective films. They come into our lives as little ones, leave our lives as little ones, and often go on to lead perfectly normal non-child star lives — y’know, just with some excellent conversational perks, like, “I’ve been kidnapped by David Bowie,” and “Bill Murray protected me from demons.” Have you ever wondered what these former tiny movie stars look like as grownups? We certainly have. That’s why we tracked down the current photos of 11 famous movie babies from the likes of Labyrinth, Popeye, The Godfather, and more (but not from Three Men and a Baby, because our Internet detective skills have failed us in that… Read More

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