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Grown-Ass Women Need to Be Told It’s OK to Cry: On Sia’s “Big Girls Cry”

I’ve always found the adage “big girls don’t cry” to be insulting, particularly when applied to grown-ass women. First off, we’re not girls. Secondly, the notion that the occasional sob is not human, is false. Being in touch with your emotions and taking care of business are not mutually exclusive, despite how much portraits of female professionals in positions of power like to harp on such things. And actually, tear experts (yes, that’s a thing) say that emotional tears — instead of reflex or continuous tears, the two other kinds — remove stress hormones and other toxins from the body, in addition to stimulating the production of endorphins. So there.

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Frances Bean Cobain Is Right About Romanticizing Rock-Star Suicides — But Lana Del Rey Isn’t the Only One Who Needs to Listen

You may have read this morning that Frances Bean Cobain took Lana Del Rey to task over Twitter for the comments Del Rey made in an interview with The Guardian last week: “I wish I was dead already,” she told her startled interviewer in the context of a discussion about her musical heroes. “I don’t wanna have to keep doing this. Everything. That’s just how I feel. If it wasn’t that way, I wouldn’t say it.” One of the heroes she cited was Kurt Cobain, and his daughter was not impressed: “The death of young musicians isn’t something to romanticize,” she tweeted. “I’ll never know my father because he died young, and it becomes a desirable feat because people like you think it’s cool. Well, it’s fucking not. Embrace life, because you only get one life. The people you mentioned wasted that life. Don’t be one of those people.” … Read More

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What Is Lana Del Rey Wearing?

Hooray! There’s a new Lana Del Rey album, the endlessly thinkpiece-able Ultraviolence, with its sad girls and its fucking your way up to the top and its darkness and hilarity. And this also means that there’s another new round of Lana Del Rey songs where she’ll tell you, in detail, just what she’s been wearing. From red dresses to white bikini tops, we go through Lana’s greatest clothes references — it’s up to you to figure out the symbolism. Perhaps there’ll be a whole chapter on Lana Del Rey in the upcoming book Women in Clothes. We can only dream. … Read More

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Lana Del Rey’s Music Isn’t Subversive, and Neither Is Terry Richardson’s Art

Like New Girl‘s Schmidt with his Douchebag Jar, music critics should have to pay some kind of fine just for writing about Lana Del Rey in 2014. Throw Terry Richardson into the mix, as I’m about to do, and I should probably just hand over my whole week’s salary. But I promise you that I came to this “thinkpiece” honestly, not cynically, for all the good that does us both. … Read More

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Watch Lana Del Rey’s New Video, “Shades of Cool”

Timed with today’s release of Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey’s team has also unveiled the video for one of the album’s songs, “Shades of Cool.” As we… Read More

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11 Hilarious Women in Pop Culture (Who Aren’t Comedians)

It’s a fact: women are funny. Comedians like Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Amy Schumer, and the Broad City babes are making the world better with every weird joke that they make. But there’s also a strain of really awesome humor out there, coming from witty women working in (nominally) serious art forms. Whether it’s a laconic singer-songwriter who’s one-liner city or very serious writers who are writing for the very serious The New Yorker, there are all sorts of women whose work can use humor as a deadly weapon. Here’s a list of pop culture’s funniest women who aren’t professional jokesters, per se. … Read More

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Flowchart: So You Wanna Write a Lana Del Rey Thinkpiece…

Hi hello, welcome to this week’s edition of “the Internet eats its own tail.” As I stated in my own Lana Del Rey thinkpiece last week, the endless conversations surrounding LDR have their own gravitational pull in the black hole of content that is the web. In light of the release of her second proper album, Ultraviolence, this week, you may feel as though you need to have your own opinion about Lana Del Rey, and to share it with your network. But, so many people have had LDR thoughts before you! Allow me to help. Here’s a handy flowchart to pair you up with the right angle for your inevitable Lana thinkpiece. (You can click for a higher res image, too.) … Read More

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Lana Del Rey Is the Urban Outfitters of Music

Lana Del Rey lied to my face. Sitting in the shadows backstage at Lollapalooza last summer, I asked her about her leaked Lady Gaga diss track (“So Legit”). She said she had never met Gaga, that this was a big misunderstanding and the press likes to turn one pop star against another. Thing is, they’ve been photographed together, including high-profile pictures shot by Terry Richardson. Later, an Interscope rep asked me to erase that portion of my interview, or Lana wouldn’t be signing the release forms for publication. He phrased it interestingly: “Lana doesn’t feel comfortable with what she said.” … Read More

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Just How Feminist Is Your Favorite Pop Star?

On a ranked scale from Lana Del Rey to Beyoncé, here’s how feminist your favorite pop stars… Read More

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