Spectacular Infrared Photos of Icelandic Landscapes

You can’t really go wrong taking photos of Iceland — it’s home to some of the most famously dramatic and beautiful landscapes on earth, and when you step off the plane at Keflavík and get the bus into Reykjavík, you really do feel like you’ve landed in another world. Even so, these landscapes by English photographer Andy Lee, which we spotted at Faith is Torment, are particularly striking. They’re shot in the infrared spectrum (it’s unclear whether Lee used a digital camera or got his hands on some IR film), and the results are spectacular, in a suitably dark and brooding way. There’s more of the series on Lee’s Behance page, along with a selection of his other work. … Read More

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Hyperreal Paintings of Desolate, Small-Town America

Lonely gas stations, motels, dive restaurants, and abandoned buildings populate the work of painter Rod Penner. His hyperreal creations are sometimes indistinguishable from photographs, and the small Texas towns he paints are poignant in their desolate melancholy. Faith is Torment introduced us to the artist’s work, which at first appears to be lost snapshots from a road trip through small-town America. Pavement and neon never looked so beautiful. See more of Penner’s images in our gallery, below. … Read More

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Incredible Photos of Dreamy, Inverted Landscapes Projected by Camera Obscura

Cuban-born artist Abelardo Morell takes photos of impressionistic, inverted cityscapes and landscapes projected onto walls via an unusual camera obscura. He converts full-size rooms into a giant camera obscura through a tiny pinhole and unites the outside world with a variety of interiors. The results are incredible. He’s since switched to color and now frequently projects images right-side up with a prism, but his early body of work is full of rich, black-and-white photographs that look like inky fragments of a fading dream. Ornate architectural details, doorways, and mundane objects blending with mural-size monuments, skyscrapers, and blurry horizon lines make for a dizzying, hallucinatory experience. See Morell’s upside-down fantasy worlds in our gallery below. Find out more about the artist’s unique process over here. … Read More

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Stunning Photos of Greenland’s Icy, Majestic Landscape

Trekking the vast, icy inland of Greenland is no easy task, especially while lugging a large-format camera. Photographer Olaf Otto Becker did just that, navigating the glacial crevasses and melting ice floes — physically challenging and often life-threatening terrain that nearly parallels Antarctica in size. The journey was worth it, as Becker’s stunning, otherworldly photos prove.

The images in our gallery — which we spotted on BDiF — come from the artist’s Broken Line and Above Zero series. The first explores the beautiful, natural icefjord and glacier at Ilulissat — a majestic phenomenon. The latter reveals the melting areas of Greenland’s ice sheets, which recently saw rapid thawing — the fastest rate satellite records have tracked in 30 years. Click through to appreciate these natural wonders that Becker has beautifully documented. … Read More

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Camouflaged Bodies: Photos That Unite People with Vast Landscapes

Award-winning photographer, professor of art, filmmaker, and author Jean Paul Bourdier combines body art concepts with stunning landscapes, using paint, texture, light, and color to beautifully unite the two. None of the works are digitally altered. At times Bourdier’s compositions trick the eye as he aligns contours of flesh with earth and sky, but the works aren’t mere trompe l’oeil. He instead emphasizes the corporeal, temporal nature of his subjects, and the results are breathtaking. Visit our gallery to see more of Bourdier’s Bodyscapes, and pick up a copy of his book over here. … Read More

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Lovely Silhouette Landscapes by Aritz Bermudez

Sometimes the simplest idea can have the most astounding effect. Case in point: these lovely landscape collages by Creative Farm‘s Aritz Bermudez, which we spotted over at Design You Trust, overlap two complementary landscapes, one in the silhouette of a young boy or girl. The result is beautiful and dreamlike, an evocation of childhood imagination and memory, with a delicate juxtaposition of the internal and the external. Click through to see Bermudez’s gorgeous silhouette landscapes, and then be sure to head on over to his website to check out even more of his work. … Read More

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Stunning Photos That Capture the Feeling of Silence

Filled with landscapes that would look right at home in a Terrence Malick film, Akos Major’s Still series is the perfect visual antidote to a busy, stress-filled day at work. Gazing at these beautiful, moody images, which he shot at various locations in France, Austria, and Hungary, is almost like stepping into a church or a library; they command an instant, respectful silence from the viewer. Craving a little peace and quiet yourself? Click through to visit a muted, people-free world that’s filled with big, overcast skies, washed-out seascapes, and the occasional pop of lush green foliage, and visit the Vienna-based photographer’s website to check out more of his work. … Read More

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Gorgeous Surreal 360-Degree Landscapes by Randy Scott Slavin

In Randy Scott Slavin‘s Alternative Perspectives series, which we spotted over at PetaPixel, the filmmaker and photographer stitches together hundreds of photos to create 360-degree landscapes that boggle the brain — but delight it too. He explains, “I developed a technique that could realize my desire to turn the real into the surreal. The result is something rebellious, beautiful, and provocative. My Alternate Perspectives series is a collection of the works culled from these photographic explorations.” Click through to see some of our favorites from the series, and then be sure to head over to Slavin’s website to check out even more of his amazing work. … Read More

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