‘Mad Men,’ Mad Science, and Dying Bees: Links You Need to See

Today was a big day in tech. Not because of any eagerly anticipated reveal of an upgraded Smartwatch, but because you can now fly above Manhattan like a bird, thanks to this Oculus thing (as Gothamist calls it) at the Museum of the Moving Image (through Fri-Sun, June 7th), and because this little 3-D printed robot can crack a combination lock in 30 seconds and not even break a sweat. Hacker Samy Kamkar came up with robot idea, built the whole thing for about $100, and then published the blueprint and software code, along with a How-To video, on the Internet. Masterlocks everywhere are cowering in fear. … Read More

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Crispr and Chipotle Modify the World: Links You Need to See

What a day! #WorldBookDay is in full swing (at least on Twitter), and, more importantly, Loretta Lynch was just confirmed by the Senate, in a 56 to 43 vote, as the first female African American U.S. Attorney General. That’s one small step for mankind and one giant leap — wait, there’s still a way to go, at least in Hollywood. In a panel discussion with Meryl Streep, directors Ava DuVernay and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, moderated by Jon Stewart, Streep explained the pervasive sexism in the film industry and said that the hardest thing for an actress to do is to get men to identify with them onscreen. … Read More

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The Dark Side of LEGO: Creepy Scenes Built with Blocks

New York City-based designer Mike Doyle has a talent with building blocks. We’re talking about Legos, of course. The artist even created a massive piece titled Contact I, which was composed with more than 200,000 Lego blocks. It’s part of the inaugural collection at the Museum of Realist Art in Boston. Doyle is also an author — and his Beautiful Lego book, published last year, showcased some of the most intricate designs across the world by Lego artists. On November 20, Doyle is publishing a follow-up book, Beautiful Lego 2: Dark, which we learned about on Beautiful/Decay. Think of it as Beautiful Lego’s evil twin. From creepy things that crawl and spooky houses, to sci-fi monsters and horrific scenes, Dark delights in Legos gone bad. See a preview of the book in our gallery. … Read More

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‘Infinite Jest,’ Recreated in Lego by an 11-Year-Old

This might be the best thing you’ll see on the internet all day. Earlier this year, English professor Kevin Griffith and his 11-year-old son Sebastian started Brickjest, a project in which they aimed to “translate” David Foster Wallace’s postmodernist classic Infinite Jest into Lego form. The final product has some 100 images, each of Lego scenes created by Sebastian based on his father’s descriptions. According to their website, the pair “first envisioned translating David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest into Lego after reading The Brick Bible, by Brendan Powell Smith. Wallace’s novel is probably the only contemporary text to offer a similar challenge to artists working in the medium of Lego.” Well, they certainly met the challenge. After the jump, check out a few of the best scenes, and then head on over to Brickjest to see the whole project. … Read More

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See the Grand Budapest Hotel Made Out of LEGO

To celebrate the DVD release of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, a LEGO replica of the gorgeous… Read More

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James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’ Recreated in LEGO

Maybe you’re someone who thinks that James Cameron’s big-budget, action-adventure Aliens is superior to the nuanced, claustrophobic, and downright terrifying predecessor directed by Ridley Scott. If you are, fine; I’ll try not to fight you about it. Instead, I’ll share these amazing recreations of scenes from Aliens featuring LEGO figures. Put together by Missing Brick, this series (spotted via Faith is Torment) captures the excitement and color palate of Cameron’s film pretty perfectly.  … Read More

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Famous Paintings Recreated With LEGO Blocks

Mosaics are awesome. Art is awesome. LEGOs are awesome. I’m sure there’s some complicated math equation to explain what’s very obvious here, but because I’m terrible at numbers, I’ll just posit that these LEGO-based reproductions of famous works of art by artist Marco Sodano are, in fact, very awesome. After the jump, see what it’d look like if Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and others used the colorful toy blocks as their preferred medium. … Read More

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Finally, a Revealing Trailer of ‘The Simpsons” Lego Makeover

Tabloids reeled today at the bounty of startling before/after pictures of the Simpson family’s plastic surgery mishaps. As with most aging stars… Read More

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