Love, Lust, Legos and, of Course, Ron Swanson: Links You Need to See

Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for Parks and Recreation. While watching the newer episodes may be a bittersweet experience — as the show’s final season winds its way to completion — there will always be deleted scenes to look forward to. Here, for example, is a deleted scene of Ron Swanson doing what he does best: using a series of clues, each more intricate than the next, to solve a puzzle. Though the meaning of a “mental sextant” remains unclear, it seems completely relevant, in that it sounds like something you might see in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, out this Friday. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we checked in with Time’s Fall Arts Preview — a look at the season’s most-anticipated films, shows, art, and more. We read the best comic ever about Drake fighting the Illuminati. We witnessed a giant bird in a man suit. We enjoyed 11 of the best… Read More

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Minimalist LEGO Versions of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Spotted by Super Punch, these clever (if perhaps, not entirely original) LEGO print advertisements by German agency Jung Von Matt are like a guessing game of sorts. Click through to see if you’re able to correctly identify some of your favorite cartoon characters when they’re presented in extremely minimalist minifig-form. … Read More

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An Occupy Wall Street Riot Brigade Lego Set

Wall Street made our naughty list this year, which is why we had a good laugh at this trailer for an Occupy Wall Street riot brigade Lego set. Slate V created the clip for the toy that puts the fate of the wealthiest 1% in your hands. Loud drum circles, dirty Band-Aid smell, and tear gas (under adult supervision only) also included. Imagine what this would be like as a last minute holiday gift past the break. … Read More

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A 33-Foot Tall LEGO Christmas Tree

London’s St. Pancras Station has erected a 33-foot tall Christmas tree made entirely out of Legos. The international train station’s tree is composed of 600,000 Lego bricks, 172 Lego branches, and 1,200 Lego decorations — all lovingly assembled by only two men. One of them happens to be England’s only certified Lego professional, Duncan Titmarsh.… Read More

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Incredible Crumbling Victorian Mansions Made from Legos

Lego artist Mike Doyle, whose breathtaking work we spotted over on Colossal, creates miniature versions of beautiful-but-kind-of-creepy Victorian mansions — you know, the kind of abandoned houses that probably gave you nightmares as a kid. He makes these impressive pieces using only unaltered Legos — that means no wood, glue, or paint — and each one usually takes him hundreds of hours of work to complete.

“For me, this piece speaks to the inherent unpredictability of those things which we call our foundation,” Doyle says of the house pictured here, the third in an ongoing series. “Like a little dollhouse, a seemingly secure home is plucked up and set on a new path. This charming home, lovingly embellished with ornamental fancy was no match for nature.” Click through to get a better look at the dilapidated digs, and to check out some of his other work. … Read More

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‘Arrested Development’ in Lego Form Is Amazing

While Arrested Development may have only lasted for three seasons, the cult comedy remains one of the most beloved TV shows of all-time — at least on the Internet. That’s why we know without even asking that you’ll be thrilled by the work of Matt De Lanoy, an intrepid designer who lovingly recreated the sitcom’s most iconic set pieces and characters out of Legos for Brickworld 2011 in Chicago. His take on the Bluth’s universe is incredibly detailed — the stair car makes an appearance, Gob rides his Segway with Franklin, and a sour-looking Lucille  clutches a very tiny Lego glass protectively. Click through to get a better look, and if you’re impressed with De Lanoy’s skills, be sure to check out his Lego recreation of Futurama‘s New New York, an epic project which took him over two years to complete. … Read More

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The World’s Most Famous Skyscrapers Built with LEGOs

In 1996, Adam Reed Tucker graduated with with a degree in architecture from Kansas State University. For 10 years he worked with firms in Kansas City and Chicago until one fateful day in 2002 when he was inspired by a book called The World of LEGO Toys by Henry Wiencek. Tucker had also been thinking about the decreased tourism to famous skyscrapers like the Sears Tower since September 11th. He decided to marry the two ideas, and now, as one of 11 “LEGO Certified Professionals,” he uses the iconic plastic bricks to recreate models of modern-day architectural marvels. … Read More

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Video of the Day: Lego Printer

A YouTube user from the UK known as “horseattack” has uploaded a video of a Lego printer that he designed, built, and coded all from scratch. While the printer certainly dwarfs the Lego creations we constructed in childhood, we’re not sure it’s faster than our HP Laserjet. In any case, we would love to have the “Lego felt tip 110″ in our office, just for bragging rights. … Read More

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