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‘Cymbeline,’ Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet,’ and Why Shakespeare Is So Hard to Adapt for the Screen

When a director does Shakespeare today, it seems there are three options most commonly selected, each of which has its drawbacks. The first is to do a loyal interpretation, maintaining the original setting and time specified by the Bard (for if you’re the type that chooses loyalty, you also may use this insufferable term), but risking the adaptation seeming like an ostentatiously astute encapsulation of a period and lifestyle that’s now irrelevant. The second is to set it in the present day,  underscoring the barbarism, archaism, and/or hilarity of a current societal norm by aligning it with Elizabethan text, but also risking bifurcating the text and its original meaning. The third is to set it somewhere and sometime else completely, avoiding the distraction of current day trappings (Lady Macbeth discovers Seinfeld emojis!), not to mention the equally distracting trappings of Elizabethan imitation (vocal fry is especially noticeable when it’s coming from a ruff-encased throat). … Read More

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DiCaprio Collects Art and an Albuquerque Home Collects Roof-Pizza: Links You Need to See

I’m repeating what thousands have already said…the ruling awarding Marvin Gaye’s family 7.4 dollars is awful. No, wait. It’s okay. No…wait. I have no idea, and my attention span is wavering…to food. Besides having these oh-so-viral photos of U.S. States shaped like food to ponder, there’s also another food story that’s been circulating: Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, has had to ask literalist fans who’ve been enacting a famous scene to stop throwing pizzas onto the roof of the Albuquerque home where Walter White “lived” — which is occupied by actual people who, crazily enough, don’t want pizzas on their roof.  … Read More

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Leonardo DiCaprio Shells Out $50,000 to Help Make Adrian Grenier’s Melancholy Whale Documentary

Insomuch as it dealt with the effects of human-induced trauma and Sea World’s flagrant disregard for killer whales’ complex… Read More

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‘Dead Wake': ‘The Devil in the White City’ Author Erik Larson Investigates the Sinking of the Lusitania

If you have had the chance to read Erik Larson’s bookstore staple The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America — still on the front tables at chain bookstores and indies a decade after its release, consistently rumored to be a future Leonardo DiCaprio movie — you know what the historian offers as an author. He finds a cracking good story, and manages to place it in a grander historical context. In the case of Devil, it’s the mystery of serial killer Dr. H.H. Holmes, and how the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 was the setting for his dastardly crimes, providing the cover of darkness while human innovations like the Ferris Wheel were debuting to the world. … Read More

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Imagine if ‘The Returned’s’ Jeremy Sisto Starred in ‘Titanic’

There is an alternate world in which Jeremy Sisto, late of Suburgatory, forever of Clueless, and currently starring in A&E’s… Read More

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Alejandro González Iñárritu’s New Leonardo DiCaprio-Starring Movie Is Going to Be Intense

That headline shouldn’t be very shocking to anyone familiar with Alejandro González Iñárritu’s work, which most recently includes the Oscar-hopeful Birdman.… Read More

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Longform You Have to Read: The Life Cycle of a Teen Idol

In a world where you have more options for satisfying longform reading than ever, your friends here at Flavorwire are taking the time once a week to highlight some of the best that journalism and longform has to offer. Whether they’re unified by topic, publication, writer, classic status, or just a general feeling, these articles all have one thing in common: they’re essential reading. This week, in honor of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday, we’re looking at some of the greatest articles profiling and analyzing teen idols. … Read More

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Michael Fassbender Is the Latest Possible Steve Jobs

After both Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio backed out of Sony’s upcoming Aaron Sorkin-written, Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs biopic, the… Read More

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Leonardo DiCaprio Was Asked to Play Max in ‘Hocus Pocus’ : Links You Need to See

In case you’d like a soundtrack for the incoming deluge of links, Haim’s collabo with Calvin Harris is the perfect, fast-paced electro-anthem to help you feel a sense of deliberateness as you meander through this web of distraction. The song would also, of course, be great to dance to, but this simply isn’t the place for that, partially because: … Read More

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