The 20 Most Beautiful Libraries on Film and TV

If you read this space with any frequency, you’ll know that Flavorwire is perhaps unnaturally fond of the beautiful library. Recently, Book Riot mused over which Doctor Who library is the best — or perhaps the most beautiful. But why stop at the Doctor Who universe? Countless gorgeous libraries have appeared on screens large and small (if only there were set designers in all of our homes), whether old and dusty, shiny and modern, underground, filled with water, or, um, animated. Click through for 20 of the most beautiful libraries on film and… Read More

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Incredible Reading Rooms Around the World

We love libraries, have a soft spot for bookmobiles, can’t get enough of bookstores, and we really enjoy bars we can read in. We’re always in search of cozy, beautiful places to curl up with a good book, so when we saw that New York-based modern furniture company Vitsoe was opening a pop-up reading room in their downtown store, we went searching for other unique reading rooms around the world. Comfort, intimacy, atmosphere, and a great view play a big part in the design of these bookish spaces. See more in our… Read More

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25 Vintage Photos of Librarians Being Awesome

Librarians, in case you hadn’t heard, are essential members of society — likely to expand minds wherever they go — and, as such, are fully worthy of hero worship (whether they’re among the coolest librarians alive or just pretty cool). That’s at least part of the impetus behind My Daguerreotype Librarian, “[a] tumblr dedicated to literally or figuratively hunky and babely librarians from the past.” Inspired by the website, here’s a little extra literary goodness: 25 awesome vintage photos of librarians from ages past. … Read More

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20 Amazing Outdoor Libraries and Bookstores From All Over the World

At long last, the weather is warming up, allowing for long walks, open windows, and (of course) the return of reading outside. But there’s yet another pleasure that you may not have tried — browsing for books outside! Click through for a selection of libraries and bookstores from all around the world that say “phooey” to the rain and operate in the open air, perfect for those bookworms who prefer gentle breezes to that typical bookstore musk. Nothing against the musk, but it just doesn’t get much more glorious than picking out a new book in front of a warm summer… Read More

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The Most Playful Libraries in the World

We could write volumes about our love for libraries — and, well, we kind of have. During our Internet travels, we’ve stumbled across some pretty amazing places for book lovers. After spotting an especially playful library on Colossal, we were inspired to seek out other lighthearted libraries that emphasize imagination, fun, and bookish wonder. The most well-read, creative people know that adventure and play can be a wonderful tonic for the soul. Click through for more playful libraries for literature lovers of all… Read More

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10 Incredible Repurposed Train Stations

The heyday of railway travel may have passed, but the nostalgic allure of architecturally striking infrastructure has ensured that it’s not the end of the line for many historic station buildings. We recently learned that Union Station in Denver, which opened to passengers in the late 19th century, will be transformed into a trendy hotel, with adjoining restaurants and a beer hall, by 2014. Click through to see how other train stations have been repurposed into thriving cultural centers, libraries, and… Read More

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Spectacular Photos of Ideal, Imaginary Libraries Around the World

We could spend an entire day getting lost in one of JF Rauzier’s libraries, which we spotted on Trendland. The French photographer composes grandiose, imaginary, international libraries from various photos. Each one aims to be the ideal bibliotheca. Books are stacked and stuffed into every nook and cranny of Rauzier’s stunning, surreal libraries — and we wouldn’t want it any other way. You can see more of Rauzier’s incredible photos in our gallery, but we highly recommend you also explore the artist’s website. There, you can zoom in on each photo and gasp like we did when you realize there are tiny people hidden amongst the stacks. … Read More

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15 Amazing Book-Filled Bars Where We’d Like to Drink

You know what’s better than a night out? A night out with a book. Or, in the case of many of these fine establishments, a whole wall of books. After all, when else will you feel as inspired to pull down a favorite tome and do a dramatic reading than when you’re on your second cocktail? We’ve collected a handful of amazing bars stocked with more than just… Read More

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Readers’ Choice: 10 More of the Coolest Librarians Alive

Earlier this week, we posted about a few of the coolest librarians we’d ever heard of, and asked you to come back to us with your own suggestions. And come back you did, with suggestions of awesome librarians we missed from San Francisco to South Africa. We’ve collated a few of your suggestions, bringing our awesome librarian list up to a round 20. We know that still doesn’t cover it, but hey — that’s not a fact we’re likely to complain about. … Read More

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10 of the Coolest Librarians Alive

Face it: most librarians are probably cooler than you. After all, their job is to wrangle books, attract readers, and then get the two together — one of our own favorite activities. Though, for many years, the librarian stereotype was a severe old lady who couldn’t stand excessive noise, that image has changed. Now, many librarians are punk-rock agents of social change, complete with tattoos, tech savvy, and new ideas to get books to the people. Click through to meet just a few of the very coolest librarians… Read More

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