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20 of the Best Closing Scenes in Television

After recently taking a look at some of our favorite TV pilot opening scenes, we decided it would only be fitting to look at some of our favorite closers across history. Some are wholly satisfying for their sense of closure after a long ride with characters we came to know and love, while others are equally poignant for their ambiguity, often thanks to early cancellation. Although these are just the final moments, revisiting these scenes has been enough to make us laugh, cry, and get thoroughly freaked out all over again, and we hope that perhaps they can provide you some healthy catharsis, too. Have a favorite we missed? Let us know in the comments — and beware that this post is, for obvious reasons, full of spoilers. … Read More

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10 Foreign TV Shows That America Ruined

Now, before you get crazy, we’re not going to say The Office. In fact, there have been many television shows, including the aforementioned classic, that were adapted from foreign versions and have done great in America, or even been improved upon — American Idol began as the UK’s Pop Idol, Sanford and Son was originally a British hit called Steptoe And Son, and of course, the Columbian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea was remade as the great Ugly Betty. But for every successful American remake of another country’s show, there are five failed attempts — some of which are so bad they never even saw the light of day. Click through to see our list of ten foreign TV shows (yes, they’re mostly British originals, but that’s the trend in life as well as in our list) that America remade and totally ruined, and let us know your own major remake disappointments in the comments. … Read More

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ABC Replaces Quirky “Ugly Betty” with Strange “Happy Town”

With the recent cancellation of Ugly Betty after last year’s loss of Pushing Daisies, we thought that ABC had decided to give up on quirky shows all together. And then we saw the trailer for Happy Town. The new mystery drama is about a peaceful small town with a grisly past (Harper’s Island much?). Although that seems like a yawn, the trailer is so bizarre that we can’t help but be intrigued. Check it out after the… Read More

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Blago Strikes Book Deal Gold [Morning Links]

Books: A publisher is paying six figures for Rod Blagojevich’s book. We pity his copy editor. [The Swamp]
Dance/Opera: The Met has put two Chagalls on loan for quick cash. [AP]
Design: A radical new fashion and design center arrives on the Seine. [LAT]
Film: Neurotic New Yorkers rejoice:… Read More

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You Can Buy One of Ally McBeal’s Absurdly Short Skirts!

This just arrived in our inbox. This is not a joke.

“Premiere Props, on behalf of David E. Kelley Productions, is holding a two-day public lot sale of thousands of high-end wardrobe and costumes from David E. Kelley Productions’ hit shows including ALLY MCBEAL, THE PRACTICE and BOSTON LEGAL…This sale will not only allow fans… Read More

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