Lifetime Is Developing a Marilyn Monroe Miniseries Because No One Can Let That Woman Rest in Peace

Will people ever tire of resurrecting Marilyn Monroe as various caricatures, instead of letting a woman who actually existed rest… Read More

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Lifetime’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie Is ’90s Nostalgia at Its Absolute Worst

Nineties nostalgia is so fun, isn’t it? Well, it won’t be for much longer. The decade’s pop culture memories fuel sites like… Read More

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The 35 Campiest TV Movies Ever Made

This week, SyFy debuts the sequel to last summer’s surprise TV movie hit, SharknadoSharknado 2: The Second One is expected to be even campier and sillier than its predecessor and will possibly go down as one of the most ridiculous TV movies ever made. But, of course, it’s got quite a bit of competition: there are plenty of other patently absurd made-for-television movies out there. From SyFy’s shark obsession to Lifetime’s melodramatic teen flicks, here are 35 of the campiest TV movies of all time.  … Read More

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What Lifetime’s ‘The Choking Game’ Teaches Us About Teens These Days

Keeping up with all the latest teen trends can get exhausting. Every day there’s a breaking news report about an awful new #hashtag or some creative way to get high. Between the selfies and the molly, who has the time to keep track of everything? Fortunately, there’s one network dedicated to investigating these ever-changing trends. It turns out, teens are now choking each other to get high — and Lifetime is ON IT. … Read More

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From WE tv to WGN, Obscure Networks Are Going for Broke With Original Dramas

This summer feels unusually packed with TV premieres. As always, there are NBC’s sitcom burnouts, silly reality shows, and premieres from established networks like USA and FX. But this year there are also new dramas from smaller broadcasters that tend to stay on the fringes of conversations about TV. Lifetime, WE tv, WGN America, and El Rey each premiered (or will premiere) intriguing dramas this month, but are any of them worth the go-for-broke strategy these networks are adopting? … Read More

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Your Weekly TV News Roundup: ‘Orphan Black’ Renewed, Syfy Orders ‘The Magicians’ Pilot

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. This week, a few great books are getting TV adaptations, Sean Hayes will return to primetime (again), and Taye Diggs joins The Good Wife. … Read More

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10 TV Events to Look Out For in July

In June, television gave us a handful of great season and series premieres, from Orange Is the New Black to The Leftovers. Not to be outdone, July is also coming in full force. There is the return of some Comedy Central favorites, premieres of vampire and post-apocalyptic dramas, and even some silly guilty pleasures. Here are the ten TV events to keep on your radar this July. … Read More

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Aaliyah Biopic Will Detail Her Marriage to R. Kelly

In the upcoming Lifetime biopic of Aaliyah, the young R&B star’s short-lived and controversial marriage to R. Kelly —… Read More

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Why Lizzie Borden’s Murder Case Will Remain Forever a Mystery

There is a picture of Lizzie Borden which must accompany every piece about her. I want to get that out of the way first, so there it is, above. The picture does tell you something about the woman, whom a neighbor up the street liked to describe as “jowly.” But because it is black and white, it doesn’t show how blue her eyes were — that same neighbor wrote of them as being “an almost colorless ice-blue…. I have heard many people speak of them as dead eyes, but the eyes of the dead are dull; Lizzie’s had the shine of beach pebbles.” … Read More

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