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15 Cultural Gifts for the Precocious Teen in Your Life

Is there a teen in your life who you want to arm with gifts that will help him or her survive being a teen? Sure, kids these days are more Internet-savvy than ever, so the likelihood that you can serve as the cool aunt/uncle/cousin/older sibling who introduces someone to their favorite _______ has never been lower. But the holidays are for good-faith efforts, so here are some suggestions of books, movies, and albums today’s teens might be into, but aren’t yet. Worst-case scenario, you’ll give your teen the gift of feeling like they have better taste than you did at their age. … Read More

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The Pen and the Sword: Links You Need To See

It’s only Tuesday, and the week is already a grim one. Last night’s unbearable decision not to indict Darren Wilson is a pain we’ll feel for a long time. Joel Anderson and Jim Dalrymple II are currently reporting live from Ferguson, because although the protests erupted last night, the fires will not be so quickly dispelled. … Read More

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The 50 Greatest Crush Songs Ever

This week, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O releases her debut solo album, and it happens to have a very specific theme that caught our attention here at Flavorwire HQ: songs about crushes. But Karen O’s oftentimes sad, solemn songs only represent one side of the experience of having a crush. So we got to thinking: what songs about longing stick with us after the thrill of the chase turns into something deeper? Which serve as a salve when you find out that your crush isn’t mutual? What about the ones that give you the nerve to try and steal your crush away from someone else? Or how those that capture the thrilling promise of something new? All of these oh-so-complicated scenarios are represented here, in our unranked list of the 50 greatest crush songs ever… Read More

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Lil Kim Gave Birth: Links You Need to See

Orange is the New Black cheered up many a person’s weekend, and hopefully today’s links will cheer up a few people’s evenings. Enjoy! … Read More

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10 Amazing, Shocking Unscripted Moments From ’90s MTV

Though the channel debuted in the early ’80s, MTV really found its groove in the ’90s when it still balanced music coverage with its burgeoning original reality, comedy, and animated programming. Because we can’t resist looking back fondly on the wild and wacky on-air incidents that shaped our adolescence, here are ten mind-blowing moments from MTV’s second decade that make us pine for those halcyon off-the-wall… Read More

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20 Classic Female-Fronted Hip Hop Tracks

Oh, Rolling Stone. Sometimes you make it so easy. We try not to spend too much of our time nitpicking the amusingly out-of-touch pontifications of Jann Wenner’s empire, but occasionally something comes along that annoys us so much that it’s hard not to react. So it was recently, when the magazine’s editors came back from the mountain with stone tablets purporting to contain “The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time.” In fairness, reading RS for hip hop recommendations is like reading Trucking Monthly for advice on bicycles, but even so, if you’re going to claim to make a definitive list, you don’t relegate Nas’s “NY State of Mind” to #31 (11 places behind 50 Cent’s risible “In Da Club”) — and, more annoyingly, you don’t make the mistake of including only three songs featuring female vocalists. … Read More

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Minimalist Posters Documenting Life’s Color Changes

As we’ve previously admitted, we’re just a tad bit color-obsessed here at Flavorpill. If you also happen to be the kind of hue-minded person who geeks out over Pantone color swatches and can passionately debate the difference between eggshell and ecru, then you’ll want to check out Shades of Change, a new graphic design project from New Orleans-based artist Marin Dearie. The eye-catching, minimal series is intended to highlight “the various stages of color changes that occur in nature, popular culture, and elsewhere.” From Lil’ Kim’s ever-evolving hair to the full color spectrum of a Tootsie Pop, click through to check out Dearie’s fascinating work. … Read More

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Literary Mixtape: The Wife of Bath

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite literary characters might be listening to while they save the world/contemplate existence/get into trouble, or hallucinated a soundtrack to go along with your favorite novels, well, us too. But wonder no more! Here, we sneak a look at the hypothetical iPods of some of literature’s most interesting characters. What would be on the personal playlists of Holden Caulfield or Elizabeth Bennett, Huck Finn or Harry Potter, Tintin or Humbert Humbert? Something revealing, we bet. Or at least something danceable. Read on for a cozy reading soundtrack, character study, or yet another way to emulate your favorite literary hero. This week: Chaucer’s bawdy grand dame, the Wife of Bath. … Read More

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Open Letter to Nicki Minaj Re: Lil’ Kim

Dear Nicki,

We’ve had our differences in the past, but we like your style and have high hopes for you, so we’re going to pass on to you some advice our dear parents once bestowed upon us: If you ignore the bully, she’ll eventually just go away. While this might not hold true when you’re an uncool sixth-grader, we assure you that as a platinum-selling rapper feuding with a has-been, it will always work. … Read More

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Lil’ Kim Finds New Medium for Dissing Nicki Minaj: Documentary

It’s official: Nicki Minaj is the best thing that’s happened to Lil’ Kim since Biggie Smalls. First, she lashed out at Minaj with a diss track called “Black Friday.” Then, she released a full-length mixtape of the same name for $9.99, which she claims sold over 113,000 copies in 28 hours — despite the fact that her most recent studio album, 2005’s The Naked Truth took about a week to do similar numbers. And now, her official street team has come out with “Carbon Copy,” a documentary so sloppy it verges on incomprehensibility, that muddles photos of the rappers, snippets of their music, and interviews in a quest to prove that Minaj totally stole Kim’s schtick.

Listen, we’re as happy to see the Queen Bee make a comeback as anyone. But now that she’s registered her complaint, she can either move on and start writing about something different or cement her place in the 21st century as “that lady who’s scarily obsessed with  Nicki Minaj.” … Read More

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