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Robert Durst Is Not the Lead Singer of Limp Bizkit: Links You Need to See

Everyone who’s been following The Jinx — or the controversy surrounding its recent revelation — now knows that Robert Durst (not to be confused with lead singer of Limp Bizkit) has not only been arrested by authorities, but is facing a charge of first degree murder after his sensational admission of guilt on television. Murder isn’t funny, but the way he got caught is ridiculous, and this parody of the confession shows us why.  … Read More

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The Identity of ‘Hipster Runoff’s’ Carles Is Revealed: Links You Need to See

For certain hip twenty-somethings, and perhaps their hip teenage siblings, Hipster Runoff and its founder/writer/personality Carles were integral to a daily Internet routine. (It’s also responsible for launching the modeling career of Bebe Zeva, whom you see above.) We/they were addicted to his web brand: “Who will Carles all-cap next? Which words will he put ‘scare quotes’ around?” Anyway, Carles and HRO were a thing of an era, and now that Carles has sold that thing and the era is over, I guess Carles — who had been anonymous — no longer needs to hide. This article over at Vice is essentially a long history of HRO framed around a day-long Gchat session between the author and Carles, who reveals himself to be Carlos Perez. … Read More

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25 Awful 1990s Hit Songs We Loved Anyway

There’s an art to the good bad song. What makes “Livin’ La Vida Loca” a bad song and not a good bad song? What makes Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart” good but La Bouche and Aqua good bad? A lot of it has to do with cheese, of which the 1990s had about as much as Frasier Crane’s fridge. If a song had the right combination of trends, it could reach the top of the charts despite lyrical hokeyness or songwriting shoddiness. Once such a song reached the radio, there was no escaping it, a fact that would later aid astute listeners in recognizing its utter terribleness. But in some cases, we’d be secretly a little happy to hear it again, at least every once in a while. This is what turns a bad song into a good bad song. Here are 25 of them from the… Read More

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10 Musical Genres That Should Never, Ever Be Revived

Of all the press releases that landed in Flavorwire’s inbox over the long weekend, this was surely the strangest: an announcement proclaiming the return of the entirely unlamented Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, the dire neo-swing band that was briefly famous in the late 1990s for the song “Zoot Suit Riot.” It’s mildly terrifying to think that they still exist in 2013, as is the thought of their genre making some sort of post-millennial comeback. It’s such a chastening thought, in fact, that it got us thinking about other potential genre revivals against which we should be forever vigilant. Such as this lot, for… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Billie Joe Armstrong would like for “that kid in Twilight,” aka Robert Pattinson, to star in the upcoming film adaptation of Green Day’s Broadway musical, American Idiot. “He’s a good actor,” he told Perez Hilton. “There’s still more to come with that kid.” Right. We’re sure that his rabid teenage girl fan-base has nothing… Read More

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10 'Smells Like Teen Spirit Covers' That Are Worse Than Miley's

Now that Osama bin Laden has been vanquished, the internet can move on to its next public enemy: Miley Cyrus. Yesterday, word spread that Hannah Montana covered Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at a concert in Ecuador. Cue unanimous outrage.

Of course, as any long-suffering Nirvana fan will tell you, Cyrus’ is hardly the first ridiculous “Teen Spirit.” In fact, the song has been used and abused by just about every artist looking to build his non-conformist caché. While we’ve heard a few inspired covers — of Montreal does a spirited live version, and Patti Smith intersperses Cobain’s lyrics with her own poetry — the vast majority are terrible. (We’re going to abstain from taking a position on the Tori Amos’.) We’ve collected ten “Smells Like Teen Spirit” covers that are worse than Miley’s — including Paul Anka, Limp Bizkit, and even Michael Bublé — after the jump. … Read More

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The Rockstars Who Changed Our Closets

Last week came up a list of some of their favorite female rockstar fashion muses, which got us thinking about our all-time favorite males. Though purists would say Buddy Holly, with his much imitated horn-rimmed glasses and nice-guy cardigans, was one of the first recognizably chic and marketable rock stars, it wasn’t really until the invention of MTV in the ’80s that viewers began to identify with the “rock star aesthetic” and become tastemakers… Read More

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