Lisa Cholodenko

A Maine Native Judges the Accents in HBO’s Masterful ‘Olive Kitteridge’

Watching Lisa Cholodenko’s magnificent HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge, adapted from the wonderful Pulitzer Prize-winning novel-in-stories by Elizabeth Strout, I was full of glee: “They went full New England!” I said out loud. Because flinty Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins, playing Olive and her husband Henry, really sounded like they sort of, kind of came from Maine. … Read More

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25 Movies by Female Directors Every Aspiring Filmmaker Should See

Spike Lee has allowed a few more women-directed films to grace the list of essential films he gives to his class at NYU, bringing the total women-films he deems worth watching up to a grand total of eight, four of which are by the same filmmaker, Lina Wertmuller. (The others deemed admissible to the list are Jane Campion, Kathryn Bigelow, and Julie Dash.) Indiewire points out that even with these new inclusions on Lee’s previously all-male-except-Katia-Lund list, overall women still make up proportionally less of Lee’s list than they do in filmmaking as a whole.

So, in an effort to supplement this list we offer our own, of 25 films by women directors that all film students should see. … Read More

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12 Female Directors Who Should Have Been Nominated for Oscars

Since the inception of the Academy Awards over 400 Best Director nominations have been given out. Only four have gone to women. Only one woman has won. It took 80 years for that to happen. Let’s imagine we have the power to travel back in time and change Academy Awards… Read More

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10 Memorable Cinematic Alter Egos

This week Bruce Robinson’s adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s novel The Rum Diary opens across the country. Based on an early novel by the good doctor of gonzo journalism, the role of Thompson’s stand-in, journalist “Paul Kemp,” is being played by Johnny Depp — who has, with this film, pretty much planted is flag for good on the island of “cinematic portrayals of Hunter S. Thompson.” After the jump, we’ll take a closer look at Depp’s ongoing onscreen personification of the late Thompson, and nine more actors who became the cinematic avatars for distinctive writers and filmmakers. … Read More

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10 Forgotten '90s Counterculture Movies You Need to See

Trainspotting. Empire Records. Reality Bites. The Crow. Pump Up the Volume. The list of ’90s counterculture movies whose popularity has continued into — or been revived in — the 21st century is a long one, full of beloved films (many of which we celebrate on a regular basis at Flavorwire). But what happens when you need a subversive nostalgia fix and yet another viewing of My Own Private Idaho just isn’t going to cut it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of ten wonderful (or at least entertaining) ’90s counterculture flicks you may have forgotten — or never knew about in the first place. Impress your friends by whipping them out at your next movie night, and add your own picks in the comments. … Read More

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The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Grab your Darth Vader helmets people, because it’s Star Wars Day!

2. Yesterday it was announced that Radiohead is planning to play The Kings Of Limbs in its entirety for a special BBC broadcast on July 1st. [via NME]

3. Lifetime has picked up Modern Love, a show from former… Read More

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