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‘Louie’ Season 4 Episodes 11 & 12 Recap: “In the Woods”

“Louie is pretty much just making movies this season, huh?” asked our esteemed TV editor, Pilot Viruet, and she’s right; after Louie’s third season concluded with the three-part “Late Show” arc, season four has included the six-part “Elevator” episode, the (still in progress) three-part “Pamela” episodes, and last night’s “In the Woods,” a 90-minute episode—66 minutes without commercials—that houses an extended flashback to Louie’s childhood (or, more specifically, the moment when that childhood ended). But “In the Woods” attempts something those previous multi-part episodes and his feature films (Tomorrow Night and Pootie Tang) didn’t: it’s basically a drama. He doesn’t quite pull it off. … Read More

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‘Louie’ Season 4 Episodes 9 & 10 Recap: “Elevator Part 6”/”Pamela Part I”

As a general rule, I try to avoid reading recaps of shows I’m covering during the run of the season; it’s not that I think whatever I’m feeling about the series is the definitive last word or anything, but more a matter of trying to prevent other (often better!) writers from influencing my own responses. Yet I stumbled upon The AV Club’s recap of last week’s Louie episodes after posting my own, and had an odd realization. Writer Todd VanDerWerff noted that some of his critic friends were grousing that the show wasn’t particularly funny this season, and that if he chose to, he could see their point: “If, for some reason, you were watching Louie as a program that would hopefully make you laugh uproariously, then this season would be unlikely to do that. “ What was so striking about this observation was not that it was inaccurate; it’s that I realized I had stopped even considering Louie on those terms. … Read More

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The Long Takes of ‘Louie’

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‘Louie’ Season 4 Episodes 7 & 8 Recap: “Elevator Parts 4 & 5”

This sprawling, multi-part Louie episode that began two weeks ago and will conclude, next week, after part six, is titled “Elevator,” and it’s worth pausing for a moment to ponder what a vague and uninformative moniker that actually is. Yes, in the first episode, the Hungarian neighbor Evanka (Ellen Burstyn) is stuck in one; in “Elevator Part 5,” the second of last night’s episodes, she passes out in the same one, which she then dubs “an evil box of death.” But the elevator is not (or certainly does not yet seem to be) some kind of overarching metaphor or other such literary device; these episodes are not about how life or love or parenthood are, in some hack ways, an elevator. On the other hand, what kind of title could Louis C.K. have possibly affixed to this ambitious yet charmingly rambling tale? Could any title, aside from one of Fiona Apple’s protracted poem titles, truly sum up what Louie is up to here? … Read More

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‘Louie’ Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6 Recap: “Elevator Parts II & III”

In considering last week’s Louie episode “Elevator Part I,” your correspondent wondered (and forgive me for paraphrasing myself) where exactly this multi-part episode — six installments, according to the writer/director/star — was going. It’s an entertaining and engaging half-hour, to be sure, but were it not for the numerical appendix in the title, it might’ve very well been mistaken for a typical Louie stand-alone: a couple of seemingly unrelated stories, tied together by the presence and voice of Mr. C.K. The second and third parts of “Elevator” certainly don’t answer that question. But they make it more interesting. … Read More

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The Best Quotes from Louis C.K.’s Charlie Rose Interview

Comedy god Louis C.K. stopped by Charlie Rose recently for a half-hour conversation, but we wish it were twice that (hell, we’d watch if it were four times as long). It can be hard to suffer through Charlie Rose interviews without yelling “SHUT UP!” at the screen, hoping he’ll stop interrupting his subject and just let them talk. With other guests, this is frustrating, but when Rose is cutting off Louis C.K.‘s stories, it’s downright infuriating. Still, when he actually stopped talking and let C.K. get a word in, we learned some fascinating stuff. … Read More

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Sadly, It Takes Louis C.K. to Give Fat Women a Voice

The first of last night’s Louie episodes, “So Did the Fat Lady,” not only dismantles the fat-schlub-gets-hot-girl narrative seen historically throughout TV and movies, it acknowledges that this dynamic is very much alive and well in the real world. Essentially Louie asks, as compassionately as possible: if fat, middle-aged, bald, disgusting gingers like me are fucking models, who’s dating overweight women? And are they not worthy of love? … Read More

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