Lucian Freud

Fascinating Photos of the Models Who Inspired Famous Artworks

We’re fascinated, and slightly unnerved, by Flóra Borsi’s photo manipulations, which bring abstract figures from paintings to life. They apply a surreal and cartoonish twist to the traditional notion of the model as subject, and mischievously toy with our separation of real and aesthetic dimensions. Of course, the two are intimately related, and the real-life models of the fine art world have their own fascinating stories to tell. Fortunately, the advent of photography offered artists the opportunity to capture their sitters for reference. See famous artworks and the models that inspired them, side by side, in our… Read More

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Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Artists

You might think visual artists have it easy — hanging out with models and making pretty pictures — but after a long day of churning out portraits (at the Factory, perhaps) or patiently mixing colors, every serious artist needs to cut loose and let his silly side shine. After all, writers can’t have all the fun, can they? In fact, from what we can tell, artists come up with some of the strangest and funniest ways to play, and we’ve collected a few snaps of their most ridiculous escapades, both candid and posed, here. Click through to check out our gallery of very silly photos of very serious (or at least seriously acclaimed) visual artists, and when you’re through, you just might consider putting aside your work for the afternoon and going out to play. … Read More

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Early Exhibition Reviews of Famous Artists

Picasso visited Paris for the first time in 1900. The city had such a profound effect on him, he returned the following year with 100 paintings in hand, hoping to land a show. The 19-year-old painter was introduced to Ambroise Vollard — the same dealer who sponsored the works of Cezanne and other notable artists — who immediately secured a spot for him at a gallery on the prestigious Rue Laffitte. Picasso was unknown at the time, but the 75 paintings that ranged from moody portraits to representational works featuring landscapes, prostitutes, and society ladies proved he was extremely talented and driven.

This Sunday marks the 111th anniversary of Picasso’s Paris exhibition. The few critics that did attend the show gave him favorable reviews. Years later, the painter’s exhibit in Switzerland drew enormous crowds and the criticisms of some very prominent figures. Find out who after the break, and see what other reviewers had to say about famous artists throughout history during the early part of their careers. … Read More

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Photos of Famous Artists When They Were Young

After running features on the childhood photos of both famous writers and rock stars over the past few weeks, it might seem like we’re a bit youth-obsessed at Flavorwire lately. But we promise that that’s not the case. We just think that there’s something fascinating about images of cultural icons snapped long before they’d become household names. It humanizes them a bit. And so, today we turn our focus on the art world — specifically, some of the most influential talents of the past 100 years. Click through to peep photos of everyone from a dashing young Andy Warhol (pictured here) to a breathtakingly adorable baby Yoko Ono. … Read More

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Lucian Freud Dead at 88

Lucian Freud, one of contemporary art’s most distinctive and important painters, died in his London home last night, after a brief illness. He was 88. In a career that spanned more than six decades, Freud (the grandson of Sigmund) developed a psychologically rich style of realist portraiture that depicted often-nude subjects as deathly pale, grotesque,… Read More

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NSFW: The Hottest Ladies in the History of Painting

Earlier this week The Swedish Bed launched a search for the hottest girl in the history of painting. We loved the idea, but when it came time for us to place our vote, the options left us feeling rather uninspired. Not only did most of the women in the selected paintings look too much alike for our taste, but they were also clothed. How not hot is that? To remedy the situation, we’ve collected ten of our favorite nude painted ladies after the jump for your viewing pleasure (as John Berger says, “Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.” ). Drop a link in the comments sharing yours. … Read More

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The Morning’s Most Interesting Cultural Stories [Opening Lines]

Books: “San Francisco based artist Matt Furie recently put out the second issue of Boy’s Club, a wonderfully bizarre collection of one-page stories featuring anthropomorphic monsters reminiscent of muppet monsters like Sweetums crossed with Chewbacca in an outfit that screams Saved by the Bell.” [Bookslut]

Dance/Opera: “The alarm goes off at 7. I shower, stick on jeans and trainers and head out the door. Most mornings I have an early Pilates class or a session at the gym. On the way to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, I’ll stop and buy a croissant and a coffee. It takes me about three coffees before I feel like myself, but by 10:30 everyone in the company needs to be ready for the first class.” [Times] … Read More

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NY State Gives I LOVE NY Logo Outdoor Chic Makeover

I heart NY State: The I LOVE NY logo that has persisted on souvenir T-shirts for 31 years is being updated! NEW YORK STATE TOURISM decided that the original MILTON GLASER logo was too narrow — the three stolid letters and iconic heart represented only the excitement of New York City, not the state as a whole. So in order to lure tourists beyond Times Square, the logo now appears covered in snow or with small animals perched near it. The tourism office hopes the range of designs will make tourists realize that New York is somehow an entire state and not just a city. [TTG]

Terence Koh’s sexy Jesus still rocking Christians across the pond… … Read More

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