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Elisabeth Moss Defends the Decision to Give ‘Mad Men’s’ Peggy “Personal Happiness”

One of the slight criticisms people had of Mad Men‘s generally praised last episode was Peggy’s rom-com like … Read More

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This Week’s Top 5 TV Moments: I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke

There are scores of TV shows out there, with dozens of new episodes each week, not to mention everything you can find on Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, and HBO Go. How’s a viewer to keep up? To help you sort through all that television has to offer, Flavorwire is compiling the five best moments on TV each week. This time, Mad Men comes to its instantly — and inevitably — controversial end, and David Letterman hosts his final Late Show. … Read More

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In Praise of Narrative Ambiguity (or, Why You’ll Never “Solve” the ‘Mad Men’ Finale)

A strange thing happened on the Internet this morning: pretty much every news outlet, reputable and otherwise, that has any interest in Mad Men (so all of them, basically) reported that Matthew Weiner had explained the ending to the show’s last episode at a talk with novelist A.M. Homes last night. As an example of the perils of churnalism, it was pretty impressive, because if you watch the video of the event, Weiner does no such thing. Instead, he explains that the end of the show is as ambiguous as it appears: “People are like, ‘Which is it?’ and I’m like, ‘Well, why does it have to be one or the other?'” … Read More

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The ‘Mad Men’ Cast’s Most Fascinating Insights About the Series Finale

The Mad Men finale is over, and as we wait for comment (or more silence) from creator Matt Weiner, insight is trickling in via post-finale interviews with cast members, as well as some pre-finale conversations that mean more now that we’ve seen the curtain fall. … Read More

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The Particular Horror of Hearing Creepy Stories About Famous Men Who Should Know Better

Between Gawker publishing rumors that beloved comedian Louis C.K. has a tendency to expose himself (and I don’t mean emotionally) to women in the comedy world and today’s BuzzFeed piece alleging that a well-known TV character actor most recently seen on Mad Men acted inappropriately in the publication’s offices, it’s been a banner week for learning that a few male celebrities whose work addresses sexist and downright creepy behavior… may also practice that behavior. … Read More

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Flatulent Symphonies, 3D Printed Skin, and Björk’s Crazy DJ Set: Links You Need to See

Today has been filled with musical surprises: firstly, everyone was parsing the Billboard Music Awards for things to GIF and things to grumble about. The event naturally represents music on the more accessible end of the spectrum, and while Britney and Iggy were being Pretty and Taylor’s Blood was being Bad, somewhere far away, a more experimental musical genius was deconstructing his, er, evanescent backend expulsions to show that there’s a classical symphony to just about everything. Meanwhile, Björk straddles the line of those who make off-puttingly corporeal symphonies (she did, after all, once collaborate with Matmos, whose song “California Rhinoplasty” wears its title quite literally) and the more Billboard-friendly mainstream. Last Friday, she did a DJ set at Tri-Angle’s fifth anniversary party in New York, where she played everything from Kate Bush to Death Grips to The Haxan Cloak. She uploaded her whole set earlier, and you can check it out at The Quietus.  … Read More

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In ‘Mad Men’s’ Finale, Joan and Peggy Switched Places and Became Complete

Peggy and Joan’s first encounter in the Mad Men pilot appears to set them up as opposites. In her conservative skirt-and-sweater combo, Peggy is an energetic do-gooder who wants merely to succeed. In her slinky green number, Joan has men on the brain. A secretary’s job, she instructs Peggy, is to anticipate men’s needs, to be “in between a mother and a waitress,” with two other possibilities thrown in: mistress and suburban wife. To Joan, the latter is the dream, the prize at the end of the struggle. Of course, Peggy takes Joan’s advice and runs it right into the wall, including a failed attempt to be Don’s “girlfriend” when she touches his hand and a very poor decision to accept Pete’s drunken advances. … Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Series Finale Recap: “Person to Person”

“Is he dead?” Meredith asks Roger, who’s very gently trying to let her go, early in Mad Men‘s series finale. Then: “I hope he’s in a better place.” Roger quickly becomes exasperated. “Stop saying that,” he tells her. “He’s not dead.” On one level, this is clearly Matthew Weiner poking fun at everyone who thought Don was fated to go out the office window or march into the sea or jump out of a damn airplane in the show’s final scenes. But it’s one of Mad Men‘s charms — and quirks, as well as perhaps a bit of a cliché — that its truest words are often spoken by children and fools. “There’s a lot better places than here,” Meredith replies. And wouldn’t you know it: Don Draper ends up in one of… Read More

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Classic Character Cocktails for the Seventh and Final Season of ‘Mad Men’

We’ll all be weeping into our glasses tonight after the seventh and final season of Mad Men graces the small screen. Matthew Weiner and company have kept us guessing about the fate of our favorite characters, but its been firmly established that Mad Men’s players love a classic cocktail. We’ve curated a selection of fine libations for your drinking pleasure, matching some classic bevvies with the Mad Men and Women we love. Cheers to a fantastic seven seasons of television! … Read More

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