Malcolm McLaren

The 50 Greatest Summer Albums, 1963-2013

Summer officially arrives this week, bringing with it afternoons in the park and rooftop parties and beaches. The thing is, though, every summer needs a soundtrack, and while every year there seems to be a rush to anoint a certain tune The Song of the Summer™, Flavorwire decided to go one better and choose a quintessential summer album for every one of the past 50 years, as something of a sequel to last month’s list of the 50 albums you need to own, 1963-2013. Click through and get… Read More

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Antony Crook’s Introspective Photos of Famous Artists

From subway ads to blog posts to TV shows, the average American must see hundreds of celebrity photos a week. But just when we think we can’t stomach even one more, Booooooom points us to the captivating work of Antony Crook, whose low-key photographs tend to find their artist subjects in introspective moments and poses that reveal much about their personalities. David Byrne, for example, seems almost angelic, wearing all white and posing against high, white-trimmed city windows, with a multicolored array of effects pedals at his feet. Click through for a gallery of our favorite Crook photos, including portraits of Marina Abramović, Malcolm McLaren, Rufus Wainwright, Tim Burton, and more. Then be sure to visit his website, where you should also check out his otherworldly landscapes. … Read More

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Vivienne Westwood Hates Young People, Says Punk Was Marketing

Vivienne Westwood has built an entire career on youth culture: She and then-husband Malcolm McLaren are responsible for British punk’s classic look, as pioneered by the Sex Pistols, and the designer has been known ever since for her edgy, counterculture-inspired collections. But apparently Westwood has no love for today’s young people. “Now, I don’t put… Read More

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Punk Rock Graveyard: A Halloween Tour of Famous Memorials

It was Slits legend Ari Up’s death last week, at only 48 years old, that really drove it home: punk may have been born less than 35 years ago, but its icons have already begun to die out. (In fact, a good number didn’t make it as far as the mid-’80s.) So, because Halloween is almost here, and since Tony Wilson’s headstone was just recently unveiled, we present a spooky, freaky, 10-site tour of memorials to punk and post-punk icons, from Darby Crash to John Peel to Kurt Cobain. Since many of these figures tended to embrace the morbid and macabre, we’d like to think they’d come along for the ride. … Read More

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The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Funerals

It’s coming up on the one-year anniversary of that three-ring circus that was Michael Jackson’s funeral — we hope you kept your rhinestone-encrusted gloves at the ready — and though 2010 hasn’t seen anything quite that spectacular, we’ve already had our share of bizarre celebrity memorials. There’s Corey Haim’s family’s fight with the city of Toronto over who should pay for his funeral, and Gary Coleman’s request to have his ashes scattered over train tracks. But these pale in comparison to some of the, um, death-styles of the rich and famous. From having your mourners smoke your ashes to being buried in  piano-shaped tomb, we present the craziest celebrity funerals of all time. … Read More

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The 10 Most Disturbing Quotes from Roger Ebert’s Sex Pistols Screenplay

We were pretty excited to learn that renowned film critic/national treasure Roger Ebert has posted the screenplay for his abandoned 1978 Sex Pistols film, Who Killed Bambi?, after over 30 years in the vaults. If the movie had been made, Russ Meyer (who collaborated with Ebert on the B-movie classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) would have directed, with the recently deceased Malcolm McLaren playing producer. While we’re not sure the film ever should have seen the light of day, we’re happy to finally have a record of this relic of Ebert, McLaren, and the band’s younger, punker days. And since we’re fairly sure you’re not going to go to the trouble of reading the whole weird, rambling thing yourself, we’ve reprinted the movie’s 10 most unsettling quotes for your… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. As you might expect, Malcolm McLaren‘s funeral was a totally punk affair. And his coffin was even spray-painted with the words, “Too fast to live, too young to die.” [via Guardian]
2. Jon Stewart went off on Comedy Central last night for censoring Matt Stone and Trey Parker‘s Muhammad episode of South… Read More

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Death of a Hype Man: Malcolm McLaren's Top 10 Products

Malcolm McLaren, who died yesterday at 64, hasn’t even been laid to rest yet, but fans and detractors are already fighting over his legacy. Was the Sex Pistols impresario a brilliant punk mastermind, worthy of adulation for staging one of the 20th century’s wildest and most important cultural revolutions? Or was he merely the libertine perv who pushed teenage Bow Wow Wow singer Annabella Lwin to pose naked for an album cover? As far as we’re concerned, he was a little of both. But, love him or hate him, this much is indisputable: Malcolm McLaren changed the world.

Although he tried everything from art to music to politics, McLaren will be remembered first and foremost as a hype man. So the best way we can think of to honor his memory is by counting down the 10 greatest products he sold us, in four decades as a huckster extraordinaire. … Read More

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RIP: Former Sex Pistols Manager Malcolm McLaren

According to the Independent, Malcolm McLaren, who had been battling cancer for some time, died this morning in New York at the age of 64. The official statement from his spokesperson:

“He had been suffering from cancer for some time, but recently had been full of health, which then rapidly deteroriated. He died in New York this morning. We are expecting his body to be brought back to London and buried in Highgate Cemetery.”

McLaren, an art school dropout/clothing designer who co-owned a clothing boutique with Vivienne Westwood in the ’70s, first made a name for himself as the manager of the Sex Pistols; he had previously both outfitted and managed the New York Dolls before they split up. McLaren was the one who brought frontman Johnny Rotten into the band after he was impressed by his “I hate Pink Floyd” t-shirt. He allegedly wanted the group — who up until that point had been calling themselves The Strand — to sound like “sexy young assassins.” … Read More

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