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What Is “Gay Voice”? New Documentary ‘Do I Sound Gay?’ Provides Plenty of Empowerment But Few Answers

Do I Sound Gay?, which opened the DOC NYC film festival Tuesday night and has since been picked up by Sundance Selects, is not a successful documentary in the traditional sense. Apart from superficial factors, like the insufferable repetition of its title, clunky humor, seemingly contrived footage, and some heavy-handed camera work, it forsakes the documentarian quest for answers — or even, simply, for depth — in favor of a neat, PSA-ish three-act narrative of empowerment. And yet, the ideas that surface in David Thorpe’s flawed documentary happen to be endlessly fascinating, and its message, which overwhelms the film, happens to be incredibly valuable. … Read More

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‘Do I Sound Gay?’ a Documentary About “Gay Voice,” Is Asking for Funding on Kickstarter

Like a regional speech pattern, the origins of “gay voice” can be any  mix of early socialization, imitation and group mentality; “gay… Read More

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15 Possible Letterman Replacements Who Aren’t White Dudes

This week, David Letterman announced his retirement from his eponymous late-night talk show. While he won’t retire until sometime next year, people are already speculating about who will replace him on the show he’s helmed for over 20 years. And, in typical fashion, most of the predictions veer in the direction of Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, or Conan O’Brien. Given that the late-night talk show landscape is almost exclusively the territory of white men, we have a few suggestions of comedians who could replace Letterman and — gasp! — aren’t white… Read More

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A Brief History of Asian Americans on Television

Those who have still not recovered from the tragic loss of Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 can finally draw their mourning period to a close. Former showrunner Nahnatchka Khan just received a pilot order from ABC, and it’s a far cry from the two-single-gals-in-the-city premise of her last project. An adaptation of Eddie Huang’s memoir Fresh Off the Boat, the would-be series is a family sitcom based on Huang’s experiences as a Taiwanese American growing up in Orlando. Combined with the news that Margaret Cho will co-star in Fox’s upcoming Tina Fey-produced comedy, it’s a promising development for Asian-American representation on television. To put it in perspective, here’s a brief, non-comprehensive history of Asian Americans’ role in the medium, from George Takei to Lucy Liu.  … Read More

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10 Controversial Comedians on Their Right to Be Offensive

Today would have been Lenny Bruce’s 88th birthday, and we couldn’t celebrate the scathing satirist’s legacy without a little help from a few fellow controversial comedians. Bruce is most famous for his highly publicized 1964 obscenity conviction, which found well-known personalities like Woody Allen, Allen Ginsberg, and Norman Mailer speaking in support of the stand-up. He was granted a posthumous pardon in 2003. Bruce’s straightforward style and struggles against censorship helped paved the way for other comics. We highlight a few of their stories, below. … Read More

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12 Women Who Would Make Great ‘Daily Show’ Hosts in Jon Stewart’s Absence

As we reported yesterday, Jon Stewart is taking a three-month sabbatical from The Daily Show to write and direct a feature adaptation of journalist Maziar Bahari’s memoir. During his absence, in addition to the expected summer surplus of reruns, Senior British Correspondent John Oliver will sit in as guest host — and don’t get us wrong for a second, we love us some John Oliver. But we do also wonder if the show might’ve missed an opportunity to address its controversial “woman problem” (and dramatize the staff’s response to it) by placing a funny lady in the host chair. There’s no shortage of them! We’ve got a few suggestions after the jump. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Today’s colorful Google Doodle marks what would have been Keith Haring’s 54th birthday. We approve. [via Pop Culture Brain]

2. If you were as bummed as we were about missing out on that celebrity-filled March reading of Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black’s Prop 8 play 8, then you’ll be happy to hear… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we saw 50 things that we will never see in real life (a list that includes a chihuahua wearing double cheeseburgers for shoes and someone with a Mrs. Doubtfire tattoo) over on BuzzFeed. We enjoyed Mental Floss’ roundup of 11 outrageously obscure West Wing characters who resurfaced on… Read More

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What Will ’30 Rock’ Do Now That Kim Jong-Il Is Dead?

In the past seven days, the world has lost a great man (Vaclav Havel), a tyrant (Kim Jong-il), and a silver-tongued contrarian who many feel ambivalently about (Christopher Hitchens). Havel and Hitchens may be far more worthy of tribute than Kim, but he’s the one who figured prominently in one of our favorite sitcoms, so he’s the one who’s on our mind this morning.

As fans will remember, 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy lost his wife, Avery Jessup, to a North Korean kidnapping last season, and Margaret Cho appeared on the show as Kim Jong-il. It’s already clear from last week’s supersize preview that we’re going to see more of Avery behind enemy lines in Season 6. While the trailer doesn’t actually show Cho as Kim, it’s difficult to imagine that 30 Rock would return to the story line without revisiting such a popular (and hilarious) character. … Read More

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