What Meili Cady Learned From Being a Twentysomething Drug Smuggler

In Meili Cady‘s compulsively readable memoir Smoke: How a Small-Town Girl Accidentally Wound Up Smuggling 7,000 Pounds of Marijuana With the Pot Princess of Beverly Hills, we meet a young, bright-eyed Cady as she moves to Los Angeles to become a struggling actress and gets snagged in the web of master manipulator Lisette Lee. Lee claimed to be the “the Korean Paris Hilton,” and an heir to the Samsung fortune. In the name of friendship, Lee hired Cady to be her “personal assistant,” a job that required taking private jets to Ohio, an ostensibly fabulous perk that was — whoops — the front for a million-dollar pot smuggling operation.

If you’ve read the Rolling Stone article on Lee’s life, “The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills,” you have an idea of how long the high life lasted, and the truth that came out after the fall. I had the chance to talk to Cady about what it was like to be a twentysomething drug smuggler, and where she’s going from here.

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Why the ‘Pride’ DVD Cover Isn’t “Gay”: Links You Need to See

Today is no more a day of queer issues than any other, but as I spent my day doing “the internet thing,” I was struck by two articles on BuzzFeedLGBT, one about the subtle erasure of a film’s queerness in its marketing, the other about an entire country seemingly trying to immobilize its entire transgender population: … Read More

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It’s ELLE’s Green Week

This week, is

Weed has wholly infiltrated the mainstream, and while Nancy Botwin may have burned some suburban… Read More

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Snoop Dogg Promises Wellness Retreat Concert if Alaska Legalizes Pot

Snoop Dogg isn’t known for his political advocacy (though he did support Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012), but marijuana… Read More

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What Alexander Shulgin’s “Godfather of Ecstasy” Obituaries Say About America’s Harmful Anti-Drug Puritanism

The general futility of the War on Drugs, along with the endless parade of dead bodies it generates, has been so well documented that it would be redundant to revisit those arguments here. Still, the death of experimental chemist Alexander Shulgin, who the entire media is insisting on calling the “Godfather of Ecstasy” (with obligatory scare quotes) has highlighted one of the more pernicious effects of our ongoing quixotic crusade against a landscape of chemical windmills: all the lost therapeutic potential of the hundreds of chemicals that Shulgin synthesized, many of which are now illegal, sacrificed to a policy that has cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars. … Read More

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David Brooks’ and Ruth Marcus’ Anti-Weed Columns Condensed for Maximum Stoner Hilarity

I imagine the editorial meeting (or assignment email) went something like this: “All right, baby boomers! Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, and Colorado’s putting it on sale Jan. 1. So, who’s going to suck it up and write the anti-pot column?” David Brooks and Ruth Marcus evidently drew the short straws at the New York Times and Washington Post (respectively), each 50-something writer filing an anti-legalization screed made highly awkward by the fact that both have done their share of toking in this lifetime. Since their hypocritical, poorly supported, and logically suspect rants basically refute themselves, we figured our time would be better spent condensing each article into a string of contradictory statements for maximum absurdity and amusement. You decide what kind of deadly poison you want to welcome into your body while laughing at what some might call Brooks’ and Marcus’ stoner logic. … Read More

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Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga: A Tale of Two Pot Smokers

Twenty-Year-Old American Woman Smokes Marijuana in Amsterdam. It doesn’t exactly sound like front-page news, but boy is the media going nuts over the fact that Miley Cyrus puffed on a joint during her performance at Sunday’s MTV Europe Music Awards. Here are some of the actual headlines: “What a Dope! Miley Cyrus Puffs Marijuana Onstage at MTV EMAs in Amsterdam”; “Miley Cyrus shocks yet again as she lets it all hang out and smokes ‘joint’ on stage at MTV Europe Music Awards”; “Pothead Miley Cyrus Lights Up Marijuana Joint Onstage.”  … Read More

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A Brief Survey of Artists Under the Influence

We’ve made an exasperated plea to musicians to stop singing about drugs. Still, we don’t expect the eternal fascination artists seem to have with substance experimentation to end any time soon — especially if one artist’s cocaine sculpture is any indication. We spotted the snowy white creation on Lost at E Minor earlier this week (featured after the jump). It felt like the appropriate time to revisit a few narcotically inclined artworks — those created under the influence and several inspired by drug culture and its icons. Feel free to mention your personal favorites, below. … Read More

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2 Chainz Nabbed At LAX With Promethazine and Pot

Don’t carry it in your socks. Don’t carry it in your wallet. Don’t carry it in a deodorant stick. And if… Read More

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Cool Video Illustrates What Marijuana Does to Your Brain

Ever wonder why marijuana makes users so fixated on individual ideas, no matter how banal? Learn the scientific answer to that and discover what smoking a joint does to your brain in this fascinating video from Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE. If that awful “this is your brain on drugs” commercial with the splattered egg in a frying pan is the closest you’ve ever gotten to understanding the neurological affects of illegal substances, you’ll definitely want to watch. And after you do, be sure to check out the rest of cool and practical videos at AsapSCIENCE’s YouTube page, including tips for curing hangovers and “The Scientific Power of Music.” Whether or not you artificially stimulate your neurotransmitters beforehand is completely up to you. … Read More

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