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We Will All Howl: Antony Hegarty on the State of Transfeminism

“They announced two weeks ago that in the last 40 years, the number of wild animals has dropped by one-half, and we’re expecting a 50 to 70 percent extinction event of all species by the end of the century,” Antony Hegarty says. “I always think about those stories about the last bird, or the last of a species, when they’re calling out and they don’t have the other animal, the partner that can call back to them. The idea of the disappearing voice is very resonant for me. What hears a solitary voice. What responds to a solitary voice.” … Read More

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Here Are Some Details on the Pilots Amazon Has Requested for 2015

Amazon is continuing its focus on world domination, culturally and otherwise, with its announcement of its 2015 pilot lineup.… Read More

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The Grandmother of Performance Art on Shia Labeouf, Step-Third Cousin of Performance Art

Vulture’s Jenni Avins caught Marina Abramovic on her way into BAM’s world premier of Matthew Barney’s new film, The… Read More

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The “Digital Marina Abramović Institute” Is a Big Dumb Joke

If you were one of the 4,765 people who gave money to the Marina Abramović Institute, congratulations: together, you pulled together over $600,000 to fund an 8-bit computer game through which you will learn the dedication needed to become a world-famous, super-rich performance artist. … Read More

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Exclusive Video: Marina Abramović Explains the Appeal of Working With Artists Like Lady Gaga

When someone like Marina Abramović goes on a video-making blitz, people take notice. The most recent video released in support of her institute’s Kickstarter campaign features a naked and bellowing Lady Gaga standing in the woods. While most commentators have taken to pointing out how “weird” and “NSFW” the piece is (that last part is actually objectively true), it’s worth looking at it from the artist’s own perspective. … Read More

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Lady Gaga’s Marina Ambramovic Collaboration Came Out and It’s Obviously Super Weird [NSFW]

Well, I definitely didn’t know what to expect from the Lady Gaga/Marina Abramovic collaboration, but I definitely didn’t think it’d… Read More

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16 Things We Learned From Marina Abramovic’s Reddit AMA

Performance art giant Marina Abramovic made an appearance on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything today, in which she answered questions about her work, the evolution of art, and her contemporaries. The AMA was supposed to revolve primarily around the Kickstarter-funded Marina Abramovic Institute in Hudson, NY, but many commenters took the questionnaire as a chance to ask Abramovic about her growing celebrity. There were questions about Jay Z, Lady Gaga, and The Artist Is Present, the now-iconic MoMA performance that earned her so much public attention and, most recently, imitation. It’s not one of the most revealing AMAs; most of her answers aren’t very long, and some of them are things she’s said before. A few people asked if the AMA itself was a performance, but Abramovic didn’t reply. Here are a few topics she did choose to open up about: … Read More

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