Awesome 8-Bit Reworkings of Classic René Magritte Paintings

There’s always been something decidedly psychedelic about Nintendo games — there’s the mushrooms, the bright primary colors, the fact that the hero is an Italian plumber who rides a dinosaur and battles turtles. But it’s not all just a case of too much acid in the ’70s — the likes of Mario are also influenced by surrealism, a connection made explicit by a Tumblr called Our Princess Is in Another Castle of the Pyrenees (we came across it via Boing Boing). The site is devoted to 8-bit Mario-style re-imaginings of paintings by the great René Magritte, and it’s heaps of fun. Check out a selection of our favorite images — with the originals for comparison — after the jump. … Read More

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Video of the Day: Super Mario Goes Grand Theft Auto

Shigeru Miyamoto (who is profiled in this week’s New Yorker) created Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the Super Mario Bros. gang way back in 1985. While the classic characters, secure in their fantastic, colorful land of spiked turtles and distressed princesses, hold up pretty well, there’s no harm in looking at what it would be like if Mario and Luigi lived in a world that was more along the lines of Grand Theft Auto. Thanks to our pals at Urlesque, you can watch them thrive on the mean streets in the mock trailer for The Brothers Mario after the jump. … Read More

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The 10 Best Video Game-Inspired Viral Videos

There tends to be quite a bit of overlap between the common video game and internet media fans. Due to this similarity in users, we are lucky enough to be amidst a golden age of video game themed viral media, with new additions to this genre seemingly every few weeks. To commemorate the latest meme of this geek canon, Stop Motion Sticky Note Mario, we have collected the ten best video game inspired viral… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we weren’t at all surprised to hear that True Blood took a bite out of/drove a steak into the heart of/insert lazy vampire-themed metaphor for ratings success here: come on, post-Twilight, vampires can do no wrong, plus it’s summer and there is almost nothing else to watch. We watched Katy Perry sue an Austrailian fashion designer who dared to have a similar moniker to La… Read More

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