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Historic Moment: Mark Wahlberg Slips on Semen Puddle in ‘Ted 2′ Trailer

We all know of the slipping-in-something-slippery pratfall oft used in slapstick comedy, the most iconic catalyst being the banana… Read More

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Will Ferrell Chucked a Basketball at a Cheerleader’s Head (During a Film Shoot, Relax)

Will Ferrell threw a basketball at a cheerleader’s head. For art, of course, or for whatever noun you would like… Read More

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‘The Gambler’ Tests the Limits of the Mark Wahlberg Persona

There is a scene, late in Rupert Wyatt’s new remake of The Gambler, where Mark Wahlberg is getting a serious beating. This isn’t unusual in the back half of the picture, during which Wahlberg sports a steadily pulpier mug, but he does something interesting in the midst of the trouncing: he leans into it. On one hand, that’s entirely in character, all of a piece with the self-destructive instincts of his character, an ultra-privileged nihilist with a serious gambling problem. On the other, it’s a metaphor for what Mark Wahlberg is doing as an actor with The Gambler, a film where he plays — get ready — an English literature professor. … Read More

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The Conversation We Should Be Having About Mark Wahlberg’s Entitled Pardon Request

News broke this week that Mark Wahlberg — actor, producer, restauranteur, and the star of the upcoming Christmas Day release The Gambler — has applied to have his 1988 felony assault conviction in Massachusetts expunged from his record. The timing and the content of the news paints a grim portrait of celebrity entitlement in an age of protest and unrest. … Read More

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Is Television Sacrificing Its Golden Age to the Closed Loop of Pop Culture?

Let us begin with three seemingly unrelated entertainment news items.

1. Starz Television has announced a new, ten-episode series titled Ash vs. Evil Dead. Director/producer Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell will reunite for the series, which is a spin-off/continuation of their long-dormant original iteration of the Evil Dead movie series. … Read More

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‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ and the Uncritical Cult of the Celebrity Penis

People, notably we of the painstakingly non-objectifying left-leaning media, seem to get candidly titillated at the prospect of the exposure of celebrity penis. Because of the peen’s dominance over so much cultural output, and the prominent spectacle of its desires therein, discussions of the peen seem protected from the forces that’d normally call out objectifying representation and objectifying media discourse; this is kind of, it turns out, a cloak of invisibility that hides us from ourselves. … Read More

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Mark Wahlberg Gets Beaten Up by Stellar Cast in ‘The Gambler’ Trailer

The first trailer for The Gambler, a Rupert Wyatt-directed remake of the 1974 original—has been released, and it’s fantastic. Mark… Read More

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‘Lone Survivor’ Revisits the ‘Friday Night Lights’ Style, but Borders on Propaganda

Lone Survivor, the new Peter Berg war movie that is out in exceptionally limited release today and will go wide later in January, is based on a true story. The story in question is of a failed military operation, in which four Navy SEALs were sent out into the wilds of Afghanistan to scout an assassination target. But almost as soon as they get out there, the four soldiers in question — played by Taylor Kitsch, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, and Emile Hirsch — run into trouble. Wayward shepherds stumble upon them, and within a very short timeframe they find themselves in a shootout. Only one — and here I’m not spoiling, just look at the title — makes it out alive. … Read More

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43 Great Tina Fey Quotes for Her 43rd Birthday

One of Flavorwire’s favorite people, Tina Fey, turns 43 years old today, so we’re marking the occasion in the best way we know how — by rounding up some of the funniest witticisms and best advice from the brilliant and funny writer/comedienne. We’ve got one for every year, so click through for her thoughts on working motherhood, celebrity, homophobia, strip clubs, and Mark Wahlberg’s… Read More

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