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This Small Publisher Just Hit the Mark Zuckerberg Book Club Jackpot

Last October, we declared London’s Fitzcarraldo Editions one of the “5 Small Publishers Who Are Changing the Face of the Industry.” We were right! and not only because the publisher has already turned out a stellar list of fiction and literary non-fiction. No, we were right, as it happens, because Mark Zuckerberg agrees with us. … Read More

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Book Club Is a Shameless Act of Propaganda

There are few things less surprising than Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to start a book club. As I predicted not long ago, it was just a matter of time before Zuckerberg joined in on the publishing game, given his newfound newspaper-y aspirations — think Murdoch, Hearst, Bezos. But there is more to this charade. It’s all about business, politics, the politics of business, and the business of politics. … Read More

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Book Publishing Predictions for 2015

What will book publishing bring in 2015? Shrouded as the industry is behind a veil woven of billions and billions of dollars, it’s difficult to say. But if you look hard enough — at the bestseller lists, the court cases, the controversies — you can glimpse through the metaphorical keyhole and into the back rooms where the deals are made. With this in mind, here is a somewhat reliable predictor for the publishing industry in 2015. … Read More

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‘NY Post’s’ Kyle Smith and Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Blame Young Liberals for Making Them Uncool

Good news, hate-readers: between writing screeds against women in Hollywood and non-review movie reviews, The New York Post’s Kyle Smith went and read him a book. Not even a picture book, either — one with words and everything! Alas, those words were written by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, and the book is all about how us liberal hipsters took over the currency of cool from hard-working conservatives. In true Smith form, he doesn’t actually review the book; he merely parrots its talking points and lazily reappropriates the book’s title (Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You) into his headline (“The hipster war on you: How liberals use cool as a weapon”). Not that I’m complaining; it saves the trouble of actually having to read Gutfeld’s tome. Let’s see what these two middle-aged white dudes are angry about now! … Read More

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Why Is Frank Gehry So Desperate to Align Himself With Facebook?

For a while, rumors have been circulating that Facebook would be relocating from a Midtown Manhattan office at 335 Madison Ave to the downtown tech stead of Silicon Alley. Yesterday, Serkan Piantino, head of Facebook’s New York engineering team, confirmed the news, announcing that they would be taking up 100,000 square feet of space on two floors of an existing building at 770 Broadway. … Read More

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Bin Laden, Zuckerberg, and Other Villains Mashed Up With Comic-Book Bad Guys

Brazilian designer and illustrator Butcher Billy (also known as Bily Mariano da Luz) is over the “pure escapism” of comic-book art. To fix that, he’s created an awesome/creepy series of mashups between classic comic villains and real-life shady figures. Some are more villainous than others — Hitler vs. Mark Zuckerberg, anyone? — but whatever your opinion of his subjects, it’s hard not to find Luz’s handiwork impressive. Each mashup is set against a description of the real-life figure and even comes with an accompanying GIF, available at Luz’s Behance site. They’re certainly effective: if you thought Bin Laden was scary before, take a look at him with green scales and goblin eyes. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. In case you missed it, a new — and much more exciting — trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln debuted after last night’s presidential debate. Watch it here.

2. Netflix has announced that all 13 episodes of House of Cards — its original political drama that’s being executive produced by David Fincher… Read More

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Real People’s Reactions to the Films Based on Their Lives

Former mobster Henry Hill — who had a drug-fueled stint with the Lucchese crime family and an eventual turn as an FBI informant — died yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 69. His life became the basis for investigative crime reporter Nicholas Pileggi’s 1986 book Wiseguy, made famous by Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film Goodfellas.

Ray Liotta starred in the film as Hill, which chronicled the reformed mobster’s roots as an errand boy for Lucchese capo Paul Vario in the 1950s, his rise through narcotics trafficking, and retirement into the witness protection program. As TMZ reported, the real Hill prided himself on cleaning up his act later in life, but what did he think about his cinematic counterpart? Find out past the break, where we examined what other people thought about their on-screen doppelgangers and the films based on their lives. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we found out what as seen on TV products actually work. We felt Kathie Lee Gifford’s mortifying embarrassment. We enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris’ Tony Awards promos. We adored this artist’s comic strips about failed mobile apps. We got to know Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan. We gave a… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Robin Gibb, who along with his brothers Barry and Maurice, set disco-era dance floors on fire as the Bee Gees, died yesterday at the age of 62 following a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. [via ArtsBeat]

2. In case you didn’t notice the update to his relationship status, Facebook founder… Read More

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