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Kanye and Notorious R.B.G. Cover ‘Time 100,’ Martha Stewart Blurbs Kim Kardashian

The Time 100 is often a strange, hilarious and sometimes beautiful parade of unexpected juxtapositions of influential people, and this year is no exception.… Read More

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2014, The Year We Were Angry: Links You Need to See

Social media is good for a few things. It’s good for seeing pictures of high school friends. It’s good for learning that those friends have babies now, and that those babies all look alike. It’s also good for hearing about those friends’ vacations, and how great they were. It’s even better for ranting about things you hate (like seeing pictures of your friends’ vacations), regardless of whether or not they really warrant feelings strong enough to be considered “hate.”  … Read More

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‘Female Force’ Comics Celebrate the Lives of Powerful Women

Yesterday, Blue Water Productions unveiled, via The Huffington Post, the newest cover star of its Female Force series: the legendary Gloria Steinem. She’s the latest in a long line of powerful female thinkers, writers, media figures, and politicians to have gotten the comic book series’ biographical treatment. “Our goal is to show the behind-the scenes machinations — many of them ignored by the mainstream media — that resulted in Gloria Steinem becoming a leading voice in emerging women’s rights movement,” Blue Water publisher Darren G. Davis stated in a press release. “A visual medium provides perspective that is not only accessible but more relatable to the average person without losing any of the information involved.” Here, we look back at some of Female Force‘s other empowering covers.  … Read More

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TV’s Most Unlikely Spin-Offs

Yesterday’s news that the powers that be at Breaking Bad are contemplating a spin-off series centered on Saul Goodman, Bob Odenkirk’s sleazy lawyer, was a bit of a head-scratcher. Sure, we love Saul as much as anybody, but he’s not just a supporting character (and thus, via precedent, possible spin-off fodder) — he’s also the “comic relief” on a decidedly serious program, meaning that Better Call Saul (or whatever it might be called) would presumably have a tone, style, and length altogether removed from its predecessor. It’d be a peculiar transition, is the point — but it certainly wouldn’t be the strangest spin-off we’ve seen. Examples after the jump. … Read More

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