Martin Scorsese

Watch the First Trailer for Movie-Buff Bait ‘Hitchcock/Truffaut’


The book that collected those interviews, originally published in 1966 in France as Le Cinéma selon Alfred Hitchcock and later printed in English under the title Hitchcock/Truffaut, become one of the most sacred texts in all of cinema; any film buff worth their salt has a copy on their shelf, dog-eared and highlighted. And now one of the foremost movie buffs in the country has turned that book into a film. …Read More

10 Admirable Actors’ Actors


Anthology Film Archives is celebrating the work of Robert Ryan, an actor known for his villainous roles who was called “one of the greatest actors in the history of American film” by the esteemed Martin Scorsese. The cinema house calls Ryan an “actor’s actor,” which got us thinking about other stars who are admired by their peers for their versatility, dedication, and ability to lose themselves in a role. Be sure to share your favorite actors’ actors, below.
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