Ranking Musicians by How Much They Look Like Jesus

Musicians have always loved the Jesus look, mainly because it obviates the need to cut your hair and shave — which, if you’re more interested in sex, drugs, and/or rock ‘n’ roll than practicalities, is just the ticket. But while plenty of musicians over the years have gone for the messianic style, only a few have pulled it off with panache, and this got us thinking — who’s the most convincing Jesus-alike in music? In celebration of Christ’s birthday, we’ve attempted to determine just that. We started out with field of ten contenders, and we’re ranking them from bottom to top in terms of their Jesus Quotient. Read on to find out who’s the messiah and who’s just a very naughty boy. (Disclaimer: this is all a bit of fun, so please don’t take it all too seriously/take offense/condemn us to eternal damnation.) … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we felt nostalgic thanks to Videogum’s roundup of the best viral videos of 2011, a montage which features appearances by favorites like “Princess Girls Sing Nicki Minaj,” “Michele Bachmann Girls,” and “Goth Dudes Dancing To ‘Vogue.'” We were shocked by how nasty ancient graffiti could be. We took… Read More

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Death by Buzz: Remembering Musicians the Hype Machine Killed

Hype is the most polarizing force in today’s music world. The internet has made it incredibly easy for listeners to streamline their new music exposure and stay on top of emerging acts, but hype encourages erratic attention at best from consumers. These days, the ears of the masses are always hungry for the next big thing, an honor often bestowed on the strength of a single song, by blogs, aggregators, viral videos, and sometimes even commercials, rather than real criticism.

Over the years, hype has encouraged the bandwagon to move in many positive directions, but what about when hype fails? After the jump, we unearth some of the bigger misses of the last ten years. Sorry, guys — we haven’t forgotten. … Read More

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Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of the Crystal Method and Matisyahu’s Otherworldly New Video

Originally gaining attention as part of the late-90s Big Beat phenomenon, LA-based duo the Crystal Method have stood the test of time for over a decade. On May 12, the pair — Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland — releases its fourth full-length, Divided by Night. The album features guests including Peter Hook, Justin Warfield, Emily Haines, and Matisyahu — the latter of whom takes on lead vocals on the record’s first single, “Drown in the Now.” Tackling the video for the track, New York’s UVPHACTORY created a dark, futuristic world, populated by 3D creatures and comic-book overtones, with Matisyahu holding court at the heart of it all. We spoke with co-directors Alexandre Moors and Jessica Brillhart about the clip and how it came to life; after the jump, watch the video, read the interview, and check out photos from behind the scenes of the shoot. … Read More

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