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7 Music Videos More Destructive Than Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young”

You’d think it would be hard for a music video that’s practically a still life to offend anyone, but this year prepster darlings Vampire Weekend have been taking heat for the video for new single “Diane Young,” which shows an old Saab bursting into flames with downtown Manhattan in the background. Frontman Ezra Koenig has clarified that the vehicles in question were old, out of order, and dirt cheap — and we’d like to remind the offended car lovers that Vampire Weekend are hardly the most extreme when it comes to making destructive music videos. Read on for the most chaotic clips, from combusting drum sets to a kids’ birthday party from hell to a Hunger Games-style rap epic. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we decided that we need to immediately start planning a trip to Leavesden (which is reportedly just outside of London) for next year’s opening of the Harry Potter Studio Tour. We were impressed by the skills of this interactive robotic painting machine. We watched a supercut… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we wished that we could move into one of these incredible looking treehouses for grownups. We found out that The Daily had it wrong when they said that Dave Chappelle was plotting a return to TV. We were surprised to hear that Rob McElhenney, who plays Mac on… Read More

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What Is Your Favorite TV Show’s Indie Rock Soundtrack Telling You?

The music industry has grown increasingly diverse and decentralized in recent years, but you’d hardly know it from watching television. From Grey’s Anatomy to Gossip Girl, the same bands seem to sound week after week, with the music supervisors’ mainstream indie rock picks serving as an (all too) easy emotional shorthand. Need a scene to say “sexy”? Just add The xx. Cathartic closure? The National. Perhaps hearing Sleigh Bells on yet another CW show lends a hint of the commonality that watching Elvis Presley perform on The Ed Sullivan Show had decades ago. Or maybe it’s just easier to conjure meaningful emotion with a zeitgeisty song than from a Botox-ed lip or a flighty teen starlet . Whatever it is, here are five bands you’ll hear on TV again and again — this year, at least. … Read More

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Tired of Sex: Has Indie Rock Gone Flaccid?

Katie Roiphe caused a stir with her recent New York Times essay “The Naked and the Conflicted,” which argues that a large chunk of today’s heterosexual male authors tend to not only shy away from sex, but also express disgust and even boredom with it. But we’re not here to rehash the ample controversy she incited. Instead, we’ve decided to see whether her thesis applies to young, male artists in another arena: indie rock. We examined some of last year’s buzziest hits to determine whether their creators find sex as passé as their literary counterparts. Will hipster rockers prove the exception by summoning the libido of Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes? Also: Where the ladies at, and are their sexual antics stealing the striptease? … Read More

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8 Things Pics Can’t Tell You About Matt & Kim’s RiverRocks Performance

Matt & Kim are arguably the Ken and Barbie of the indie world. The married pop-rocking duo stormed New York’s Hudson RiverRocks‘ free venue at Pier 54 last night. Surrounding by a humbling view of the city, hundreds of Matt & Kim fans, who were amassed after the last year’s breakout hit, “Daylight,” gathered to watch the couple sing, surf, and get gangsta. After the jump, eight had-to-be-there anecdotes that you can’t get from photos floating around the music blogosphere. … Read More

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To-Do List: Flavorpill Events in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago

Welcome to the To-Do List, your daily reminder of cool events happening tonight in your city. If you’d rather have this information delivered straight to your in-box each Tuesday, sign up for our handy Flavorpill City Guides.

• If you’re in New York: Go see Matt & Kim with Flosstradamus and Team Robespierre at Hudson River Park. It’s free!
• If you’re in LA: Make it out to the opening-night feature of Outfest 2009, La Mission, which stars Benjamin Bratt. The fest runs through the 19th.
• If you’re in San Francisco: Bone up on the early black-metal scene in Norway with a screening of Until the Light Takes Us. Eyeliner optional.
• If you’re in Chicago: Don’t miss the experimental, Beefheartian psychedelia of Ya Ho Wha 13 as they make their Chicago debut. Ga’an, and Singleman Affair share the… Read More

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