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Dream Sequences, Repairing Relationships, and Saying Goodbye: Consoldating Matthew Weiner’s Post-‘Mad Men’ Finale Interviews

Matthew Weiner had a busy Memorial Day weekend. The midseason finale of Mad Men aired (the last episode of Season 7A, as they say), and Weiner spent the rest of the weekend writing the actual series finale (i.e the finale of 7B), and giving interviews to seemingly every entertainment publication out there. Most of the interviews cover the same ground — Bert Cooper’s death, hallucinations/flashbacks, Don and Peggy’s relationship, Don and Joan’s relationship, Ginsberg, ending a show — so we’ve pulled together Weiner’s best quotes here to help you avoid reading the same thing four times and have a more productive Tuesday. … Read More

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Peggy Olson Has Finally Come Into Her Own — And So Has Don Draper

Mad Men episode can never be reduced to a single takeaway, but that didn’t stop fans from forming a consensus after the season six finale: Don Draper goes down, Peggy Olson comes up. The implosion of her affair with Ted aside, Peggy entered Mad Men‘s final round of episodes with the Shot Seen ‘Round the Blogosphere, a literal replacement of Don and an echo of the Draper-centric opening credits. The boss she couldn’t seem to escape, on the other hand, was finally out of her hair, leaving Peggy his heir apparent. If you can’t beat ‘em, become him. … Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: “The Strategy”

What makes up a family? Is it a sense of longing, of reaching for something you can’t have, a legal bond, the happenstance of blood? The bonds fray this week, elegantly, as we watch the Mad Men definition of family (spoiler: it’s the workplace, of course). But the workplace is a choice that leaves a… Read More

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12 Things We Learned From Matthew Weiner’s ‘Paris Review’ Interview

In The Paris Review‘s storied history, they’ve only done four in-depth interviews on the art of screenwriting: Billy Wilder, John Gregory Dunne, Terry Southern, and now Mad Men‘s Matthew Weiner have all weighed in on the delicate art of writing for the screen. Weiner’s interview was the highlight of the spring 2014 issue, and it’s now online in its entirety. (One of a plethora of Matthew Weiner articles out there: do check out his By the Book column in The New York Times Book Review, too.) Here are some facts and writing advice that we’ve picked up from Mad Men‘s mad genius. Caution: spoilers ahead, I suppose, if you’re Matthew Weiner. … Read More

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Flavorwire Interview: ‘Mad Men’ Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas on Her Favorite Music Moments and Matthew Weiner’s Vision

Last night’s Mad Men Season 7 premiere ended with a musical moment that — like so many of the songs used prominently on the AMC series — encapsulated the episode’s overall tone. Vanilla Fudge’s cover of The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” kicked in as Don, defeated and possibly suffering from a mental breakdown, takes his anguish to the balcony and looks up to the sky, hoping to be set free from his own mind. The scene before shows Peggy assuming a similar pose, tears in her eyes and looking upward to a force she may or may not believe exists with a plea: set me free from Ted, from my own heart. … Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: “Time Zones”

It’s a classic Mad Men advertising pitch. We open in extreme closeup on a pudgy face telling a story about how the Accutron Watch changes a man, with hear several slogans: “This watch makes you interesting.” “Accutron. It’s not a timepiece. It’s a conversation piece.” … Read More

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Everything We Know About ‘Mad Men’ Season 7

Few shows are as tight-lipped about what direction they’re taking as Mad Men. Unlike Game of Thrones, there’s no spoiler-filled book series to let viewers know what’s coming. As a result, reliable dirt on the final season of Matt Weiner’s ’60s advertising drama is hard to come by. We’ve compiled the few scraps of information out there into a handy guide of what to expect this Sunday. Click through for the full rundown on Don Draper’s last Old Fashioned-fueled romp through Madison Avenue. … Read More

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