Bands vs. Brands: The Trouble With SXSW’s Attempt to Please Everyone

AUSTIN, TX: I’m sitting in a pew at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church, weeping silently in the dark, as alt-country singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile belts out a cover of The Avett Brothers’ “Murder in the City,” unamplified, 20 feet in front of me. At some point during the 90-minute performance on Wednesday (March 18) as part of Carlile’s Pin Drop Tour — the highlight of my own SXSW this year — I burped and it tasted like McDonald’s. What a buzzkill. … Read More

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Robert Durst Is Not the Lead Singer of Limp Bizkit: Links You Need to See

Everyone who’s been following The Jinx — or the controversy surrounding its recent revelation — now knows that Robert Durst (not to be confused with lead singer of Limp Bizkit) has not only been arrested by authorities, but is facing a charge of first degree murder after his sensational admission of guilt on television. Murder isn’t funny, but the way he got caught is ridiculous, and this parody of the confession shows us why.  … Read More

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Kangaroos Love Big Macs Too: Links You Need To See

If you’re ever looked into the eyes of a dog, or a cat, or any critter that is near and dear to your heart, you’ll know that the existential differences between humans and animals aren’t all that vast. Our furry friends feel love, and pain, and joy, and excitement. They also, as it turns out, enjoy wearing PJs and eating the occasional Big Mac. A onesie-clad joey named Jimmy (I can’t even) recently tried to get his burger on at a McDonald’s in Wisconsin, but was promptly evicted from the premises because he’s a kangaroo. Fortunately, not all institutions exhibit such blatant anti-marsupialism: Jimmy’s human, Dina Moyer, told the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen that the kangaroo is her constant companion: … Read More

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McDonald’s Won’t Intervene in Uncomplimentary Biopic About Former CEO Ray Kroc

McDonald’s has, throughout its history, and especially in recent years — as obesity and poverty rates have risen in seeming… Read More

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Michael Keaton May Star in Movie About McDonald’s

Michael Keaton played a birdman this year, and very soon, he may play the man that ground birds into bite-sized lumps… Read More

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Wickedly Inventive Happy Meal Tie-Ins for Cult Movies

The movie tie-in McDonald’s Happy Meal is one of our most venerable cultural barometers, a big “get” for family movies hoping to market directly to their most vocal consumers. Starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture back in 1979 (the same year the Happy Meal rolled out), Disney hits, superhero smashes, and other family favorites have used the cardboard panels of the Happy Meal and the toy inside to hawk their cinematic wares. But what if Happy Meals were used to market slightly more adult fare? This is the question asked by Pinterest artist Newt Clements, who’s made an extensive collection of imaginary Happy Meals that we really, really wish existed. … Read More

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From Apple to California Raisins: 7 Brands’ Forays Into Fashion

As we discussed yesterday, nothing starts out perfect when it comes to product design — even if you’re Apple. One interesting recent move for the company was its hiring of Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, who, as Haydn Shaughnessy at Forbes suggested, might have less to do with the development of the iWatch than with Apple’s potential desire to expand into clothing. If Shaughnessy turns out to be correct, it won’t be the first time Apple branches out into fashion. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got to see the first official photo from the new season of Arrested Development thanks to a tweet from Conan O’Brien. We listened to Tig Notaro discuss her difficult high school years. We took a look at some of the most memorable storm scenes in… Read More

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This Is How McDonald’s Makes Its Fries

Even though we don’t eat a ton of fast food, like most people, we have a pretty strong attachment to McDonald’s french fries. They’re salty, crispy, and totally irresistible. A new video created by McDonald’s Canada that we spotted on Gizmodo give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the fries get made, from the farm to the factory to the fryer to yet another fryer. Watching this educational little clip, it’s easy to forget that in the end, these bizarrely indestructible deep fried delights are likely to outlive us all. … Read More

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