20 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Classic Hollywood Stars

Producers Joan Kramer and David Heeley documented the careers of some of Hollywood’s greatest legends, including Fred Astaire, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart. Their portraits of these colorful acting icons brought them up close and personal to the stars. The duo’s new tell-all memoir In the Company of Legends, from Beaufort Books, captures the hilarious and moving stories about the most powerful names in Hollywood. In anticipation of the book’s release on April 16, and an April 7 TCM documentary special featuring interviews with Kramer and Heeley conducted by Robert Osborne, here are some of the most fascinating and intimate facts we learned about our favorite old Hollywood stars. … Read More

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Carrie Brownstein’s Memoir, ‘Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl,’ Gets October Release Date

Sleater-Kinney’s (and subsequently Portlandias) Carrie Brownstein announced three years ago that she was working on a memoir. After all that time… Read More

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Cool Girls Do It Better: On Kim Gordon’s Juicy, Modest Memoir, ‘Girl in a Band’

In the final paragraph of her memoir, Girl in a Band, Kim Gordon details a makeout session with a man who is most certainly not Thurston Moore. Emergency brake pulled, the two sat in front of a house on a hill that Gordon had rented in LA for several weeks last year while getting back to her visual art roots in a post-Sonic Youth, post-Thurston world. The anecdote starts kind of bumpy because it is apropos of nothing, but it ends somewhere fitting — hopeful, even. “I know: it sounds like I’m someone else entirely now,” she writes after pulling away from this man’s “full-on grope” for reasons of practicality, “and I guess I am.” … Read More

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Michelle Tea’s ‘How to Grow Up’ Is an Honest Memoir About the Writing Life

Michelle Tea has always been a fearless and honest writer with manifold talents — from gritty memoirs like The Chelsea Whistle to young adult books like Rose of No Man’s Land, her work has been characterized by its freedom and daring. It’s also characterized by its commitment to showing the reality of women’s lives in many forms, illuminating what the queer community in San Francisco is like for a young, passionate person. … Read More

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Tim Howard has Written a Memoir

America’s very favorite goalie, the excellent, magic-handed Tim Howard, has written a memoir, which shall be entitled The Goalkeeper… Read More

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xoJane’s Embarrassing Yoga Essay and the Problem With “Honest” Writing

Yesterday, xoJane published one of their “It Happened to Me” pieces by one Jen Caron. It detailed Caron’s experience in a yoga class she’d attended recently, one also attended by a “young, fairly heavy black woman.” Merely having this “other” woman in the room was apparently a kind of direct affront to Caron. Even sampling just one paragraph from the essay should give you an idea of how quickly everything goes to hell:

I was completely unable to focus on my practice, instead feeling hyper-aware of my high-waisted bike shorts, my tastefully tacky sports bra, my well-versedness in these poses that I have been in hundreds of times. My skinny white girl body. Surely this woman was noticing all of these things and judging me for them, stereotyping me, resenting me—or so I imagined.

… Read More

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Cary Elwes Writing a Memoir About the Making of ‘The Princess Bride’

The Princess Bride just celebrated its 25th anniversary, but the festivities aren’t over yet. Cary Elwes will be writing… Read More

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Why Aren’t More People Talking About Jesmyn Ward’s ‘Men We Reaped’?

This past summer, America had a long conversation with itself about its pervasive culture of violence, a culture that often literally consumes the lives of young black men. I’m not saying it was a satisfactory conversation, that anyone came out of it feeling like we’d treated the subject with respect. In fact, I’d say it was just the opposite. There was a lot of loud, loud, loud racist yelling on Fox News, thankfully countered by good and resourceful programming by Melissa Harris-Perry, but mostly the aftertaste was sour. Perhaps that explains why Jesmyn Ward’s new memoir, Men We Reaped, isn’t generating as much public discussion as I would have expected from a brilliant piece of work that also happened to be on point. … Read More

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Polanski Rape Victim Samantha Geimer’s Memoir Doesn’t Let Him Off the Hook — And You Needn’t Either

Contrary to what you’ve probably been hearing, Samantha Geimer’s new memoir The Girl (out today) doesn’t excuse Roman Polanski’s conduct. She calls it rape, records her initial impression that he “looked like a ferret,” reiterates that she said no multiple times and that he knew she was 13, states that he lied about the incident in his autobiography, and says she wasn’t particularly affected by an apologetic note he sent her in 2009. In other words, the book, co-authored by journalist Judith Newman, is a pretty solid effort by Geimer to control her own story without excusing a thing. The prose and tone are restrained, reasonable, and she tells a convincing story of having been too young to know what she was in for — with Polanski, with prosecutors, and with the press. … Read More

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