Photos of Eccentric, Sexy, Fabulous Mermaids from Coney Island

The Mermaid Day Parade in Coney Island is a yearly tradition, known for vast crowds, extravagant sea-themed outfits, merry times, and partial nudity. Brooklyn’s Amy Sussman comes out every year. She’s recently started to catch these parade specimens against a backdrop instead of crowd shots, so you can just how fabulous and magical they really are in full detail — grinning, dripping in glitter, shimmering in aqua, and strutting in their star fish pasties, beaded eye-patches, and mermaid/sailor/pirate/sea creature gear. Sussman is a New York City Press corp member and contributes regularly to the Associated Press, Getty Images, Corbis and the Wall Street Journal. This is just one of her New York stories. Come and “sea.” … Read More

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Strange Photos of Life as a Professional Mermaid

What is it about little girls and mermaids? From Daryl Hannah’s screechy blonde bombshell in Splash to the fiery-haired (and tempered) Ariel in The Little Mermaid to Cher in her bedazzled costume in Mermaids, this writer can remember thinking that her life would have been so much better — or at least a lot more exciting — if only she’d been born with a tail. The Underwater Mermaid, a series by London-born, Brooklyn-based photographer Annie Collinge, has me questioning this line of thought.

Shot at Florida’s Underwater Mermaid Theater, one of the state’s oldest attractions, these photos are far from the glamorous images routinely served up by pop culture. Instead, they have a faded, decidedly kitschy, beauty to them, which makes perfect sense given the fact that this surreal, underwater show, the brainchild of a US Navy Seals trainer, has been staged since the late ’40s. Click through now to discover a rare piece of Americana: the mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs. … Read More

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Did Lady Gaga Steal Bette Midler’s Mermaid-in-a-Wheelchair Schtick?

Who would have known that pop stars dressing up like mermaids would be so controversial? First, Lady Gaga’s fans attacked Katy Perry for donning fins soon after Mother Monster debuted her Yuyi the Mermaid character. Then, a disability rights group criticized Gaga for performing as Yuyi in a wheelchair. And now,… Read More

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40 Culturally Relevant Mermaids

Well, friends, it’s happened: the Lady Gaga fans have declared war on the Katy Perry fans. (Apparently, these are not the same people.) The beef? Only a few weeks after Gaga appeared as Yuyi the Mermaid on French TV and news spread that the character would featured in her next music video, Katy Perry tweeted a photo of herself dressed as Ariel. So the mermaid feud is on (minus, it would seem, the interest of either pop star). Now, here at Flavorpill, we’re big fans of our finned friends and will take all the pop-culture mermaids we can get. In fact, we’ve collected 40 of our favorites after the jump. … Read More

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Anatomical Drawings of Mermaids, Nymphs and Monsters

How do mermaids give birth? What’s inside a weredog? Well, let’s see… Fascinated with dissection drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and regional Brazilian folklore, artist Walmor Corrêa — whose work we spotted on How to Be a Retronaut via Metkere— has created a series of fantasy creature studies. His annotated anatomical diagrams could hang in a natural history museum if nocturnal goat-munchers and backwards-footed fairies were real. The artist has also built skeletons with bird beaks and mammal tails and classified hundreds of fictional animal mutants, but this series is our favorite. Peek into our gallery and see. … Read More

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Why Subway Cars Are So Much Prettier in Amsterdam

Million Dollar Design is a Dutch design group that recently won the opportunity to give a thirty year old Amsterdam subway car a much needed makeover. Deciding on an underwater theme, the design group created an atmosphere of a deep sea adventure, including schools of fish, mermaids, octopuses, and other water based creatures. Click through to see a few images from the design and be forever dissatisfied with your now lackluster-seeming morning… Read More

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