Michael Pitt

‘Hannibal’ Adds Spaghetti Monster-Actor Glenn Fleshler to Its Unsettling World

There’s no denying that True Detective ruined a certain generic Italian dish for everyone for at least a few months after its final… Read More

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On Giving Gold Stars to Dumb Smart Movies: Mike Cahill’s ‘I Origins’

Can an eye change the world? Are we here but not there? Is it ethically dubious to give worms sight, as if we are playing God? If we prove that the eye is a genetic mutation, does that make the idea of intelligent design moot? Is there a spirit in the great beyond where we’re all cats and dogs married in our souls? If even we have souls anyways?

Have you ever gotten high and pondered semi-deep thoughts that come from your handful of college science classes? Yes? Then you could probably write a pretty OK Mike Cahill movie. … Read More

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The 10 Sexiest Movies Ever Made [NSFW]

Good news for people who like sexy stuff: amongst tomorrow’s catalog Blu-ray releases is Bound, the debut feature by future Matrix creators the Wachowskis, a cracklingly good noir­-tinged thriller with a generous helping of seriously hot love scenes. Now that those scenes will be available in high-definition video and sound, we thought it might be worth taking a look at some of the sexiest movies ever made; they’re assembled (along with a dozen runners-up) after the jump, so feel free to concur, disagree, or amend in the comments. … Read More

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Casting Hypothetical Cult Musical Remakes

This week, we were absolutely tickled by the news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is developing a remake of cult ’80s musical Little Shop of Horrors, in which he would star as uber-nerdy florist Seymour. We sincerely hope this project comes to fruition, because we think Gordon-Levitt has just the right combination of quirk and star appeal to make it work — though we don’t think any casting director could do better than Steve Martin for the dentist — and we’re interested to see how Audrey II would look with today’s technology. In any event, the news got us to thinking about other classic and cult musical movies we’d love to see remade today, and who might be the best person to star in them. Click through to see our dream stars for modern adaptations of some classic musicals, and let us know who you’d cast in the comments! … Read More

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