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‘Eternal Sunshine’ Destroyed the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Stereotype Before It Even Existed

On the tenth anniversary of its theatrical release, plenty still sticks out in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There’s the seamless, low-budget blend of sci-fi and romance. There’s the trippy visuals, starting with a blue hairdo that puts Lea Seydoux’s to shame. Oh, and there’s Jim Carrey’s refreshingly non-terrifying appearance. But a re-watch of Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s dorm-room staple, ten years down the road, reveals an achievement viewers in 2004 literally didn’t have the words to articulate: a rebuttal to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, back when Zooey Deschanel was still the lady from Elf.  … Read More

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10 Movies to Stream Before They Disappear from Netflix Instant

It’s not quite Streamageddon, but as you may’ve heard, Netflix apparently had some contracts that end with 2013, and thus we have one of the streaming service’s occasional purges of valuable catalog titles. And it would’ve happened fairly quietly too, were it not for good ol’ Reddit, where someone painstakingly checked out the individual pages for God-knows-how-many titles and came up with a list of nearly 100 movies and TV shows scheduled to disappear from Netflix Instant on 1/1/2014. There’s some genuinely great stuff in here, proving yet again that this whole “phasing out of physical media for ephemeral streaming that comes and goes as it pleases” thing should give us all pause, but there’s no time for that—there’s barely twelve hours of 2013 left, and you’re about to lose some great movies. So if you’re planning on making New Year’s Eve a movie night, here’s a few soon-to-expire suggestions: … Read More

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Famous Directors and Their Famous Music Video Muses

Paul Thomas Anderson has reunited with Fiona Apple for the video for “Hot Knife,” the second single from last year’s The Idler Wheel…. It’s the latest episode in a long creative relationship between the two, and it got us thinking about similar connections between directors and musicians — specifically, noted directors and the musicians who’ve served as their muses over the years. Here’s a selection of the most… Read More

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The Flavorpill Guide to the Week’s Top 10 New York Events

For our (unconscionably high) rent money, the best thing about living in New York City is its endless supply of fun, odd, and inspired cultural events. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to even begin planning your week. To help you make sense of it all, Flavorpill has launched a new social discovery engine where users can create and share events with friends, as well as follow Flavorpill editors’ and plugged-in local curators’ picks. Below, you’ll find the very best of what’s on offer this week, recommended by Flavorpill NYC’s very own Managing Editor, Leah Taylor. It’s just a taste of what you can find on the new Flavorpill, so if you like what you see, be sure to sign up. … Read More

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10 Contemporary Cinematographers You Should Know

Movie lovers around the world were saddened last week by news of the death of Harris Savides, the acclaimed cinematographer best known for his collaborations with Gus Van Sant (on Milk, Elephant, Gerry, Last Days, Restless, and Finding Forrester), but whose credits also included Zodiac, The Game, Somewhere, American Gangster, Whatever Works, and Birth. Savides was a true artist, one who brought a distinctive eye and sense of craft to his work, and merged his unique sensibility with the directors he collaborated with. But the cinematographer is often an underappreciated and overlooked part of the filmmaking process, their gifts and style too often solely attributed to their directors.

In an attempt to acknowledge some of the other true artists in Savides’ field, we put together a brief survey of some of the most important working cinematographers today; in the interest of keeping it manageable, we’ve confined ourselves to those who work primarily in American film, and those who are still prolific in the industry. Our list is after the jump, and we welcome your favorites in the comments. … Read More

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10 Films Surprisingly Created Without CGI

We live in a movie universe where the Michael Bays and James Camerons of Hollywood are crafting their on-screen worlds with the help of incredible computer-aided technology. These filmmakers create works where anything seems possible, and while it’s often stunning to behold, many moviegoers are already tired of watching disaster porn and motion capture performances that aim to be real, but never truly feel like the tangible celluloid of yore. What many of those audiences don’t realize, however, is that several big-budget films have stuck to their practical effects-loving guns and have dodged the CGI monster at every… Read More

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10 Simulated Realities That Messed with Movie Characters’ Memories

Tomorrow we’ll finally be able to see Underworld series director Len Wiseman’s update of Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 cult film, Total Recall. The mind-bending, action-packed cultural satire features Colin Farrell in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former role as Quaid. His encounter with a corporation that implants artificial memories into their clients sets off a chain of confusing and deadly events, forcing him to unravel the secrets lost in his own mind. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston plays the villain, and the original film’s mutant prostitute with three breasts also makes an appearance — in case you were worried about the super important details.

To get you in the mood for memory-based movies featuring surreal, simulated realities that mess with your mind, we’ve compiled a list of films you may want to watch this weekend. Drop your favorites in the comments below. … Read More

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The Quirkiest Film Titles in Cinema

Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson is a master at creating quirky, endearing, and gorgeously detailed films, and his latest project with a recently cast Johnny Depp — which we reported this morning — is proving to be no different. So far, we know the upcoming film — likely to also star Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Jude Law, and Angela Lansbury — will be set in Europe and that the director is calling it The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s another whimsical title in a long list of delightfully zany film names like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Darjeeling Limited, or… well, take your pick. Anderson is hardly alone when it comes to choosing eccentric titles, and we’ve compiled a list of cinema’s quirkiest movie monikers after the jump. Leave us a note with your favorites below. … Read More

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A Rainbow-Hued Guide to Film’s Most Colorful Moments

There’s nothing we love more here at Flavorpill than a pop of color — you should see how much orange we have around the office. To celebrate the fun spectrum of colors (Moonglow, Summer Rain Metallic, Habanero) of the world’s most important new eco-chic design — the fetching Prius c — we’ve created our own unique guide to the best films of the past 100 years by looking through the lens of one of the most important and enigmatic design elements: color.

From Sofia Coppola’s perfectly pink Araks underwear on Scarlett Johansson’s perfectly pale bottom in Lost in Translation to Steven Spielberg’s brilliant use of the color red in Schindler’s List to Victor Fleming’s world changing emerald green moment in The Wizard of Oz, click through to check out the offbeat awards we’ve doled out to celebrate the fine art of aesthetic decision making that so often makes a good story great. We’re pretty sure Verner Panton would approve. Tell us about your favorite film color stories in the comments below! … Read More

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10 Cannes Films We Can’t Wait to See

Your Flavorwire has done its level best to hit the film festivals of note this year, but we’re afraid our travel budget was running a little too dry after Sundance and SXSW for us to make our way over to Cannes. (We’re even more disappointed than you are.) But we’ve been keeping a close eye on the reviews coming from the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, and have found plenty to get excited about in those dispatches. After the jump, we’ve assembled ten of the Cannes films we’re most looking forward to, with words of encouragement from some of the folks who were lucky enough to get a glimpse. (h/t to IndieWire, for their invaluable CriticWire directory of Cannes reviews.) … Read More

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