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25 Great ’80s Movies Time Has Forgotten


Buried among the also-rans within this week’s Blu-ray releases, you’ll find the HD debut of Tequila Sunrise, Robert Towne’s 1988 mystery/love triangle thriller starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kurt Russell. It’s the kind of movie studios don’t make that much anymore — an entertaining and reasonably intelligent picture for grown-ups, done on a medium budget with the expectation of a medium return. There’s nosurplus of love out there for mainstream American moviemaking in the 1980s — and for good reason. But there are also a handful of films from that much-maligned era that have stood the test of time, and deserve more retroactive attention than they …Read More

What Is “Breatharianism,” The Cult Michelle Pfeiffer Says She Belonged To?


When I read that Michelle Pfeiffer was saying she’d been in a cult that tried to exist on pure sunlight, eschewing all food and drink, I thought: yeah, sure. She’s an actress, that’s what actresses do — not consume calories, I mean. The cult is called Hollywood and the shrine is the juice bar on Rodeo Drive and Grove. (I don’t know if that’s a real intersection; for me one of the consequences of being Canadian is that I have yet to set foot in Los Angeles.) They only consume burgers and fries in the company of journalists.
…Read More