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Jamie Foxx to Star in Mike Tyson Biopic

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How ‘Undisputed Truth’ Helped Me Understand My Childhood Hero, Mike Tyson

The significance of boxing in America goes way beyond two people jabbing at each other. What we call “the sweet science” is an apt metaphor for our culture itself: two fighters are paid to beat the pulp out of each other while sponsors, promoters, and gamblers exchange bags of money over the outcome of the fight. It is evolution and industry; evolution because it is survival of the fittest, industry because there is money to be made from the violence. … Read More

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Mike Tyson’s ‘Undisputed Truth’ Neither Proves His Innocence Nor Confesses His Guilt

Mike Tyson is absolutely, 100 percent, no-question about it sure that he did not rape Desiree Washington. “She knows it, God knows it, and the consequences of her actions are something that she’s got to live with for the rest of her life,” he avers on page two of his new memoir. In the HBO documentary he gives a shorter, more petulant version. He proffers little actual evidence to support this mind-reading, but then this is a memoir (and a film) titled, apparently unironically, Undisputed Truth. In other words: it’s not the time for argument. … Read More

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Is There Something Sinister Behind Our Cultural Obsession With Mike Tyson?

Today, New York magazine ran an excerpt from Mike Tyson’s forthcoming memoir, Undisputed Truth. Much of the excerpt focuses on Tyson’s Dickens-by-way-of-Bed-Stuy childhood, and the way a white boxing coach named Cus D’Amato gave him a sport to focus on. It is a compelling story, even a poetic one. His love for carrier pigeons seems like it must have come from the imagination of a novelist, and all the bad boys in the village cut archetypal figures. … Read More

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Why Is the NYPL Hosting Convicted Rapist Mike Tyson?

Yesterday, I got an email from the New York Public Library announcing that Mike Tyson had been added to its popular LIVE! From the NYPL conversation series. Here’s how they describe the evening:

Boxing champion, Broadway headliner, felon—Mike Tyson has defied expectations and conventional wisdom during his three decades in the public eye. Tyson, the one-time heavyweight champion of the world and a legend both in and out of the ring, joins LIVE for a conversation about his tumultuous life in the same straightforward and sincere tone seen in his new memoir, Undisputed Truth.

One of the most thrilling and ferocious boxers of all time, Tyson’s brilliance in the ring was often compromised by reckless behavior. Years of hard partying, violent fights, and criminal proceedings took their toll: by 2003, he hit rock bottom, a convicted felon and completely broke. Yet Tyson managed to regain his success, his dignity, and the love of his family. With his new-found happiness and stability as a father and husband, his story is an American original.

I admit it was the total absence of the word “rape” in here that made me do my first double-take. … Read More

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The Most Memorable Moments From Last Night’s Spectacular 2013 Tony Awards

Last night’s Tony Awards were a grand affair and, I’d argue, not just one of the best awards shows of the year, but one that truly encapsulated the fun and splendor of the Broadway community. It’s part lovefest for Broadway, and part marketing ploy, but this year’s Tonys didn’t feel like a chance for New York producers to sell their biggest shows of the year (as well as a handful from previous seasons that are luckily still running) to potential patrons in the rest of the country. It was also filled with plenty of in-jokes and featured some surprisingly heartfelt speeches from Tony winners. As frequent host Neil Patrick Harris sang during his opening number years ago, Broadway isn’t just for gays anymore. Here’s a rundown of what elevated this year’s ceremony to a higher dramatic level as much as it proved that Broadway is more representative of the rest of the country than you’d think.  … Read More

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10 TV Writers and Showrunners On Their Most Controversial Episodes

Girls, Boardwalk Empire, and Mad Men are just a few of the current series that push the boundaries of how we view television, but there have been numerous TV shows that stretched the limits of prime time. Controversy has followed trailblazing showrunners and writers who introduced graphic stories, radical characters, and uncomfortable subjects to an audience of millions watching at home. We’ve rounded up ten of the most controversial television episodes and found out what their creators had to say about them. … Read More

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