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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we found out what our burlesque name was. We were glad “goat man” doesn’t really exist. We met our hipster dream date and visited the Hipster Olympics in Berlin. We used Selena Gomez’s 20th birthday to predict her entire career arc. We saw… Read More

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10 of the Most Wonderfully Versatile Contemporary Musicians

As you’ll no doubt have gathered from our Geoff Barrow interview earlier today, the Portishead producer has a new record out this week. After a decade of near-silence, Barrow’s suddenly become hugely prolific over the last five years or so, and he’s also proven pleasantly versatile. With another similarly multi-talented musical polymath also releasing a record this week — Damon Albarn, whose soundtrack album for opera Dr Dee dropped on Monday — we thought we’d have a look at some of our other favorite similarly versatile composers (not, we hasten to add, classical composers, an area in which we don’t pretend to have any sort of knowledge). … Read More

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Photos of Famous Musicians with Their Cameras

Spotted by PetaPixel, Celebrity Camera Club is a highly-entertaining new Tumblr that collects photos taken of famous people taking photos. While we were impressed to find images of everyone from Barack Obama to Stanley Kubrick snapping pics, we couldn’t help but notice what a large portion of the collection was dominated by famous musicians. Whether it’s just another creative outlet or the thrill of being on the other side of the lens for a change, we can’t really say, but we’ve posted some of our favorite photos of these cultural icons and their cameras after the jump; click through to check them out, and be sure to head over to Celebrity Camera Club to view the full archive. … Read More

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Tobias Hall’s Song Lyric-Inspired Illustrations

During a brief stint of post-graduation unemployment in 2010, UK-based illustrator/designer Tobias Hall put his newfound free time to good use by illustrating a series of posters that re-imagine songs lyrics. The collection, appropriately entitled Lyrics, transforms images created by musicians such as Miles Davis, Radiohead, and Mumford & Sons into stunning visuals that capture the tunes’ vibes. Explore the lyrics from hits like “Summertime” and Ellie Goulding’s cover of “Your Song” in gorgeous illustrated form below, and purchase Hall’s colorful posters over at Society6. … Read More

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New Biopic about Jazz Legend Miles Davis on the Way

Legendary jazz musician Miles Davis will be getting a biopic from Notorious director George Tillman Jr. The songmaker’s career spanned over five decades, and he remains one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. Fans have been waiting for a new biopic about the iconic musician, but Don Cheadle’s planned movie has… Read More

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15 Weird and Beautiful Collaged Album Covers

To many, collage is an under-appreciated art form – perhaps merely because often it’s too accessible to be considered Capital-A Art. After all, every semi-creative teenage girl’s walls will inevitably become a massive collage, and even in our age of recycling and DIY, there is often an establishment resistance to art that is built out of the art of others. There’s also a movement for exactly that idea, of course. Regardless, we love us some collage, and since music is ultimately nothing but a very grand tonal collage anyway (Girl Talk aside), we think album covers are the perfect vehicle for this particular form. These album covers, created from found paper, disparate ideas, reassembled photographs and pieced-together letters, manage to be strange, lovely, and completely apt all at once. Click through for 15 of our favorite collaged album covers, and let us know your own favorites in the comments! … Read More

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12 Great Musical Reinventions

There’s been a bit of a Radiohead theme here this week, and the talk of Thom Yorke’s solo projects got us thinking about how much better the band turned out to be than anyone could possibly have ever expected on the evidence of their debut album. The shift between Pablo Honey and The Bends is one of music’s greatest leaps forward, and the success of the latter represented vindication for a band who’d staked everything on determinedly not making anything that sounded like another “Creep.” There’s always an element of risk in such creative left turns, clearly – no one wants to end up looking like Style Council-era Paul Weller, or making an album as indescribably dreadful as Chris Cornell’s Scream – but when such reinventions come off well, they make for some of music’s most memorable moments. Here’s 12 of the best. … Read More

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15 Beers Inspired by Famous Musicians

The craft beer market has gotten crowded these days, with all manner of IPAs and double bocks vying for space on the grocery store shelves. Breweries have begun differentiated themselves not only with zany ingredients — passion fruit! coffee! saffron! — but also with clever names and interesting pop culture referring titles. Recently, there’s been a wave of music-inspired suds, giving the nod to storied jazz greats or amping up a favorite new indie band. From Wilco to Frank Zappa to Outkast, seems like everyone has a beer these days. We’ve rounded up fifteen music inspired microbrews for your perusal, after the jump. … Read More

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12 Style Icons for Fashionable Nerds

Nerds tend to overdress — probably the result of being fussed over by mothers who they were always making “so proud.” That overdressing, though well-intentioned, frequently gets out of hand. Yesterday the New York TimesBits blog spoke with Kristen Slowe, a designer who’s trying to make style simpler for the geekier males among us with her new line Saboteur. Inspired by the impending fashion revolution, we decided to comb through style site Nerd Boyfriend, and came up with this list of heroes who’ve made their nerdy fashions into classics. … Read More

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The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Explains His Wild Fans, Good vs. Evil, and Karen O’s Animal Talents

As its title suggests, The Flaming Lips’ new double-disc set, Embryonic, truly sounds like it’s still in an early stage. In many cases, these new songs evolved from in-studio jams, where the Oklahoma band chose to title the more jammy tracks after astrological signs, simply to set them apart from each other. Although produced again by Dave Fridmann, this work markedly strays from the orchestral beauty that drove “prettier” albums like The Soft Bulletin. Instead, many of these songs might remind informed music aficionados of Miles Davis’ late ‘60s/early ‘70s jazz-fusion experiments. And while it’s deadly serious, lyrically, in many places, listeners will nevertheless laugh out loud with Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O as she makes various animals sounds during the call-and-response track “I Can Be a… Read More

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