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Rue From ‘The Hunger Games’ Understands Something About Racism That So Many Americans Don’t

Her gorgeous performance as Rue from The Hunger Games attracted a cascade of racist responses on social media, but now teenager Amandla Sternberg is becoming a public voice on the topics of race and culture, thanks to a Tumblr video that has gone viral. In a few short, well-produced moments, Sternberg answered one question that American media consumers and creators fail to understand, and raised another that we’d all do well to seriously consider. And she did it all as history class project, with the help of a friend. … Read More

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Wayne Coyne Interview Continues to Raise the Question: “WTF Is Going On?”

Almost a year ago, Flavorwire reported on the transformation of the Flamings Lips‘ frontman Wayne Coyne from a revered… Read More

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George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Miley Cyrus and Maya Rudolph Join Sofia Coppola’s Christmas Special

George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Miley Cyrus and Maya Rudolph have all been confirmed to be appearing in Sofia Coppola’s… Read More

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The Parents Television Council’s Most Hilariously Absurd Complaints

Prior to the premiere of WE tv’s Sex Box, the admittedly pretty tame and boring reality show wherein couples have sex in a box as a form of therapy, the Parents Television Council launched a national petition against the series. The petition demanded that Sex Box be removed from the American TV lineup and that the signees “do not support such outrageous, disgraceful content on television.” Obviously, it didn’t work — though it did result in a pretty great response from WE tv.

This wasn’t the first time the PTC tried to “inform” the masses about the depraved, offensive, sex-filled, expletive-laden horrors of pop culture. It’s literally all they do. Seriously, you can lose a whole afternoon clicking around the site to read their detailed warnings. Here are ten of the PTC’s most absurd complaints, from Gossip Girl to Glee to Scandal. … Read More

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Miley Cyrus Enters Bangerz Tour Video in NYC Porn Festival

Miley Cyrus is entering her bondage-themed tour video in the first ever Pornhub-organized NYC Porn Film Festival.

The video first… Read More

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Flavorwire’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gifts for 50 Cultural Icons

It’s that time of year again: the season of the holiday gift guide. And in keeping with tradition, if you’re looking for a present for that special cultural icon of yours (or just someone who reminds you of a certain famous face), Flavorwire has you covered. Here are our gift recommendations for some of the year’s biggest names in culture, whether they be naughty, nice, or lurking somewhere in… Read More

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Miley Cyrus to Cover “Look What They Done to My Song, Ma” for ‘Free the Nipple’ Film

Miley Cyrus, who has long been a proponent of the #freethenipple movement, has just announced that she’ll… Read More

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