Minimalist Art

Minimalist Posters of Cassette Tape Labels

Neil Stevens’ minimalist poster series Don’t Forget the Cassette, which we spotted on Design Taxi, started out as a personal project to fill the wall space of his loft studio. The artist started to realize that the typography, colors, and simple shapes of cassette tape label designs were actually quite nice to look at. Stevens’ bold posters feature printed text from the vintage medium, such as “low noise,” “normal base,” and “standard quality.” It’s also nice to see a few designs from other countries in Stevens’ work. Click through our gallery for more minimalist cassette posters.

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Incredible Pop-Up Books for Grown Ups

When we saw Portland-based designer and art director Mengyu Chen’s paper pop-up books on Booooooom, we instantly fell in love. The minimal design and simplicity of action recalled our childhood, when craftily constructed stories sprung to life. It was a magical first encounter with animation and one we can happily relive until we’re old and gray. Lucky for us, playful pop-ups are being marketed for adult readers more frequently, and we’ve chosen a few incredibly designed books to share with you past the break. Some can be purchased and others simply admired — the handiwork of artists who similarly view the 3D books with childlike wonder. See more amazing pop-ups below.

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25 Awesome Minimalist Book Covers

Here at Flavorpill, we’re pretty much suckers for any kind of minimalist design — minimalist representations of your favorite children’s stories, minimalist posters for iconic TV shows, or minimalist memes. So when Abe Books created a gallery of modern minimalist book covers they liked, we were inspired to put together one of our own. There’s something so satisfying about the minimalist style — modern design is often hectic and showy, and while that can be beautiful, we tend to agree with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who said “A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Click through to feast your eyes our gallery of amazing minimalist book covers, and let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments. … Read More

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Minimalist Images of Beloved Childhood Characters

Netherlands-based graphic designer and illustrator Dennis de Groot is pulling at our childhood-nostalgia-loving heart strings with his latest collection of colorful, stripped-down pieces.  Appropriately entitled Bare Essentials, the minimalist series tips its hat to some of our favorite cartoons and films — from The Care Bears to The Smurfs to Batman — in their most natural forms. And while this is definitely a playful collection with overlaid imagery, vibrant rainbow hues, and iconic pop culture characters,  it also explores the line between recognition and detail, questioning whether we need über-detailed art to recognize and appreciate familiar images, or if basic, simple, and sweet illustrations are just as impactful. While you ponder that, have a look at  some of De Groot’s wonderful work after the cut, then visit Fubiz to view the entire series. … Read More

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Pop Culture Icons as Minimalist Art Posters

In today’s round-the-clock news cycle, the images of world leaders and entertainers have been burned into our brains. Capitalizing on this media saturation, Ali Jabbar, an artist located out of Dubai, has created minimalist portraits of popular political and cultural personalities in his series Simple Public Figures. After the jump, check out his stripped down renderings, and see if you can recognize the public figure from the bare essentials. … Read More

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Finally, Minimalist Tim Burton Posters

Exciting news: Madrid-based graphic designer Hexagonall has taken the extravagantly macabre daydreams of Tim Burton and given them the minimalist art treatment. Having already worked on classic cinematical milestones and Quentin Tarantino’s ouevre, it makes perfect sense that his next project would involve another prolific and twisted visionary. Check out our favorites of the eighteen after the jump, and peep the rest on his website. … Read More

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Stephen King Movies as Minimalist Art

This series of minimalist movie posters by Bee Combs, aka Nick Tassone, a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, is awesome. We think they trump graphic designer Albert Exergian’s minimalist tributes to popular TV shows, but that’s probably because we own most of these Stephen King flicks on DVD. We’ve dropped a few more favorites after the jump; Nick is planning on making some prints in the future, so if you want one, drop him an email here. … Read More

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