Unsettling Photographs of Mirrored, Floating Trees


What happens when you take a mirror into the natural world? In Traci Griffin’s work, which we recently spotted over at Faith is Torment, the photographer reflects images of trees back into themselves, creating strange formations that seem wholly one with and apart from their original selves. The floating branches become something altogether new, looking alternately like enormous insects, or family crests, or racks of antlers on unseen stags. As Griffin explains, “I read about symmetry in art, which seemed needlessly complicated. I learned that exact symmetry cannot be found in nature and allegedly the concept of symmetry in the universe has tormented famous philosophers for centuries. Perhaps this is why the images are slightly disconcerting. Personally, this project for me is simply about seeing something completely different in something so ordinary.” Check out a few of our favorites after the jump, and then head over to Griffin’s website to see more of her work.
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