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Missy Elliott’s Top 15 Music Videos, Ranked

Missy Elliott’s breakout music video was 1997’s “The Rain,” directed by Hype Williams. Not only did it introduce her to the world, but it also introduced hip hop to a whole new era of visually stunning, highly creative, and memorable music videos. Her entire career so far has been full of these inventive and unforgettable clips, which are still awe-inspiring in 2015 — and still make viewers incredibly envious of her dance moves. Here’s a ranking of her top 15 videos — though, let’s be honest, the order is entirely subjective, because everything Missy Elliott does is… Read More

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Listen to “Take Ü There,” a Banger by Missy Elliott, Diplo, Skrillex, and Kiesza

Just last week we were talking about Diplo more for his unsavory personality than for his music; however, last… Read More

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Like Joy Division? Buy Ian Curtis’ House: Links You Need to See

In the market for a two-bedroom house with a “well-appointed bathroom”? Looking to live on Barton Street in England’s Macclesfield, which some might call an “enviable” location? Do you also have a bicep tattoo of the cover art of Joy Division’s 1977 album, Unknown Pleasures? Has love ever “torn you apart”? Do you have $180,000? Then you should probably buy the late Ian Curtis’ old house, which is now for sale. … Read More

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Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: It’s Hip to Be Square

As far as hypemen go, human smiling-poop emoji Katy Perry makes for a chirpy one. Compared to special guest Missy Elliott in “Rhythm Nation”-era Janet Jackson mode, Perry was downright uncool at the Super Bowl last night, whooping “c’mon” while showing off how far a few albums’ worth of arm-dancing practice gets you. Yet the nine-song set had its redeeming… Read More

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The Sound of the ‘Broad City': A Musical Guide to TV’s Coolest Comedy

From Drake’s “Started From the Bottom,” in the now-famous nod to Missy Elliott’s “The Rain (Super Dupa Fly)” video last season, to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” soundtracking Abbi’s naked strut last week, the scene-stealing montage song plays an important role on Broad City — and will continue to as Season 2 progresses. But it’s also just one way the show’s music supervisor, Matt “FX” Feldman uses songs to flesh out Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s wild and weird New York. Click through to read more about how he curates the music for Broad City and listen to his playlist of ten tracks that will define its second… Read More

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15 Cultural Gifts for the Precocious Teen in Your Life

Is there a teen in your life who you want to arm with gifts that will help him or her survive being a teen? Sure, kids these days are more Internet-savvy than ever, so the likelihood that you can serve as the cool aunt/uncle/cousin/older sibling who introduces someone to their favorite _______ has never been lower. But the holidays are for good-faith efforts, so here are some suggestions of books, movies, and albums today’s teens might be into, but aren’t yet. Worst-case scenario, you’ll give your teen the gift of feeling like they have better taste than you did at their age. … Read More

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Some Odalisques Are Only About That Thing: Amazing Tumblr Juxtaposes Hip Hop Lyrics and Classic Artworks

In the grand Tumblr tradition of mashing up seemingly unrelated art forms (see also: the eternally relevant Slaughterhouse 90210) — and perhaps in tribute to the increasing overlap between the worlds of hip hop and high art — comes a delightful project called Fly Art. Billed as “an homage to the finer things in life: art and hip hop,” Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano’s Tumblr superimposes lyrics from the likes of Kanye West and Lauryn Hill on complementary artworks by Renaissance and Modernist masters alike. Click through to see some of our favorite juxtapositions from Fly Art, which we spotted via Beautiful/Decay. … Read More

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