Fascinating Female Occultists

Counterculture icon and essential figure in the early postwar Los Angeles art scene, Marjorie Cameron is the subject of an upcoming retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). Cameron: Songs for the Witch Woman opens October 11 and will feature over 90 artworks and ephemeral artifacts, including correspondence with husband and occult mentor, the engineer and Thelemite Jack Parsons. “Her hallucinated vision, at the edge of surrealism and psychedelia embodies an aspect of modernity that deeply doubts and defies Cartesian logic at a moment in history when these values have shown their own limitations. Her work demonstrates that the space in the mind is without limit,” states MOCA Director Philippe Vergne. The exhibition offers a rare look at the life and work of a female occult practitioner — too frequently depicted as mere muse or lunatic, even though female-centric mysticism has existed for thousands of years. Here are a few other female occultists who deserve mention. … Read More

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What’s Going on With MoCA? A Primer on the Jeffrey Deitch Situation for Art-World Novices

The contemporary art scene seems to me not unlike a soap opera, complete with the people in strange outfits and little-to-no contact with the real world outside their small, insular metropolis. This week, as the world seizes over Weinergate, an entirely different kind of scandal has come to a close at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art. MoCA had been in dire financial straits for a long time before Jeffrey Deitch, a legendary SoHo gallerist, was handed its reins. Now, two years later, he’s quit, to much fanfare from the people who claimed he’d been gradually ruining the MoCA — and this in spite of the fact that over Deitch’s tenure attendance at the museum has risen somewhat, though it did see a drop last year. Also, in spite of the fact that he stabilized the museum’s finances and was a crackerjack fundraiser. … Read More

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James Franco to Curate Major Art Exhibition Inspired by James Dean

James Franco’s exhibition Rebel — inspired by the late actor James Dean’s film Rebel Without a Cause — is being presented by MOCA and has found a home at Hollywood furniture dealer Joel Chen’s space. The LA Times shared that the exhibition — which runs from May 15 to… Read More

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Marina Abramović Is Seeking Yogis

Marina Abramović — who recently completed her quiet The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art — is once again embarking on a project of “sustained stillness and silence.” The Serbian performance artist has issued a casting call for dancers, yogis, and actors of all ages to participate in a gala… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Art in the Streets — the enormous street art exhibition which is currently on view at the MOCA — will not be coming to the Brooklyn Museum later this year, as was previously planned. The official reason being cited is budget cuts, but as a source told LA Weekly: “I think it… Read More

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Cultural Stuff to Do with Mom on Mother's Day

This time of year, we all want to dazzle our mothers by planning something fun for her special day. And no matter where you live, there’s bound to be something more than just brunch going on — like brunch on a 444-acre estate with an archeological preserve perhaps? How about an exhibit by the Degenerative Art Ensemble, a walk through a Kara Walker show with the artist and a New Yorker art critic, or an interactive screening of Mommie Dearest? For puckish mothers who like that extra special effort, we have some suggestions for things to do in each of the Flavorpill cities. … Read More

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Required Reading: Top 10 Books About Graffiti

Opening this weekend, the first major American museum survey of graffiti and street art, Art in the Streets chronicles the evolution of the urban art movement from the 1970s through today. MoCA’s groundbreaking exhibit features works by dozens of working artists, including Shepard Fairey and Swoon, but for anyone who can’t make it to the show, we’ve compiled a list of must-have books on the topic. From the 1987 book Spraycan Art to The History of American Graffiti, our required reading list gives you everything you’ll need to stay informed about the past, present, and future of graffiti art across the globe. … Read More

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Preview MOCA’s First Major Graffiti and Street Art Show

Next month in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art will present Art in the Streets, the first major US museum show to examine street art and graffiti in the context of contemporary art history, and by all accounts, a bit of a coming out party for new museum director Jeffery Deitch. The exhibition will showcase installations by 50 artists, including Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and JR, and will reunite Steve Powers, Todd James, and Barry McGee for a new iteration of their legendary Street Market show. There will also be a custom skate ramp in the museum designed by pro-skater Lance Mountain and artist Geoff McFetridge, with live demonstrations by the Nike SB skate team. While the show doesn’t officially open until April 17th, in the meantime you can click through to preview a few images. And New Yorkers, take solace: Art in the Streets moves to the Brooklyn Museum next March. … Read More

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Bookshelf: Delicious Tales to Read in the Kitchen

Sometimes even the most literary among us need some suggestions. And who better to do it than the authors themselves? Welcome to Bookshelf, our newest literary feature, wherein we ask authors to design us a fantasy bookshelf, giving us their recommendations for the perfect reading material on a variety of topics. This week, author Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, whose sweet, witty food memoir, A Tiger in the Kitchen, comes out February 8th, draws on her considerable literary and culinary experience to tell us which inspiring foodie-favorites she would want on the fantasy bookshelf in her kitchen. Or your kitchen, as the case may be. Also check out Tan’s blog, where she has super cute recipes (maple-bacon ice cream!) and clever ruminations on food, family and everything in between. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. ArtsBeat is reporting that the opening of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Lights will now be pushed from January 11 until sometime in February. This will allow time for the creators to make several changes, including changing the final number, rewriting the dialogue, adding new music from the composers, U2’s Bono and the… Read More

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