Photo credit: Alexa Meade

Impressive Photos of Live Models That Look Like Paintings


Los Angeles-based artist Alexa Meade creates living artworks using models that look like paintings. The transformation from three-dimensional person into two-dimensional painting is seamless and seriously impressive. Meade’s colorful photos of graffiti-covered walls jump to life with her painted figures. Other images of a painted person wandering the subway are surreal. Enjoy more of Meade’s photos, which we learned about on My Modern Met, below.
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Fascinating Photos of the Models Who Inspired Famous Artworks


We’re fascinated, and slightly unnerved, by Flóra Borsi’s photo manipulations, which bring abstract figures from paintings to life. They apply a surreal and cartoonish twist to the traditional notion of the model as subject, and mischievously toy with our separation of real and aesthetic dimensions. Of course, the two are intimately related, and the real-life models of the fine art world have their own fascinating stories to tell. Fortunately, the advent of photography offered artists the opportunity to capture their sitters for reference. See famous artworks and the models that inspired them, side by side, in our… Read More

E! Plans To Start Its Own Modeling Show


There are already a ton of singing contest shows on TV right now, so why not have a few modeling competitions as well? Like singing professionally, modeling is a dream job and people love to look at pretty faces as much as they love to hear fledgling singers. So far, America’s Next Top Model has… Read More

Video of the Day: Supermodels Getting Naked


What could be better than pretty girls taking their clothes off for a good cause (as if just the naked part wasn’t good enough)? Not much, and luckily for us, Cameron Russell, Crystal Renn, Olya Ivanisevic, Heidi Mount, and their beautiful brethren decided to put their assets to use, making this video to support in getting the word out about combating climate change. Don’t worry if you get distracted and miss the point the first time around, you can always watch it… Read More

Auf Wiedersehen to Awkward Models?


According to the Wall Street Journal, weird-looking models are out thanks to The Great Recession, and we’re supposed to start worshiping the girl-next-door look. Forgetting for a moment that the Supers, i.e. the walking mannequins who netted “$10,000 just for waking up,” have always been smokin’ hot and not awkward looking at all, we decide to make examine the trend. Flipping through the September glossies in search of front-of-book mega ads, we deduced the following in the ugly/pretty model… Read More