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PaleyFest Lineup Includes ‘Broad City’, ‘Outlander’, and ‘Jane the Virgin’

The 32nd annual PaleyFest honoring television will take place March 6-15 at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland. This year,… Read More

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Ranking ABC’s Wednesday Night Family Comedies

Wednesday nights on ABC are now devoted entirely to family comedies: The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, and Black-ish. It’s the most thematically consistent comedy block since the network’s old-school TGIF lineup, with ABC apparently hoping that sweetly funny sitcoms about misunderstandings and hugs are going to be big. But not all family comedies are created equal — and certainly not these four — so here’s a ranking of last night’s premiere episodes from worst to best.  … Read More

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Why the Hell Does ‘Modern Family’ Keep Winning the Best Comedy Emmy?

There are certain traditions that we can count on in popular culture. Super Bowl parties. Oscar red carpet gawking. Beyoncé idolatry. MTV VMA hand-wringing. And every year, when the Primetime Emmys hand out their award for Outstanding Comedy Series, you can reliably depend on a nation of television viewers slapping their foreheads, gritting their teeth, and growling, “Jesus Christ, Modern Family AGAIN?!” And last night, as reliably as Yellowstone’s Old Faithful, ABC’s family sitcom won the prize for the fifth straight year. It has won every year it’s been on the air. Why, oh why, does this keep happening? … Read More

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5 Emmy Moments Everyone is Talking About

Last night, NBC aired the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. It was, for the most part, boring and predictable, but isn’t that usually how these things go? There were some good parts: Key and Peele showed up or any time we got a glimpse of Amy Poehler. Seth Meyers told some jokes that Seth Meyers really liked. Weird Al Yankovic did a thing that killed some time. There was an icky and uncomfortable bit with Sofia Vergera. But really, the Emmys were basically a rerun: many of last year’s winners won again, Modern Family continues its baffling domination, Breaking Bad went out on top, and we were shown that women are meant to be ogled on pedestals. 2014! Anyway, here are five things everyone is talking about. … Read More

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TV Season Finales For May 19-May 25

May marks the official end of the 2013-2014 television season so here is a rundown of the season (and series)… Read More

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A Eulogy for ‘Trophy Wife,’ ABC’s Best Modern Family

On Tuesday night, Trophy Wife aired its final episode after just one season. ABC had canceled the show five days earlier. The ratings were never impressive, the cast was pricey, it fell through the cracks, overshadowed by ABC’s other family-focused comedies — and it had the worst name of the bunch. But knowing this would happen didn’t soften the blow. Trophy Wife, created by Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern, was one of those small, beloved (by critics and its loyal group of fans; I include myself in both categories) sitcoms that largely went ignored by the masses and the network. … Read More

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‘Modern Family’s’ Eric Stonestreet Talks “Gay Agenda,” Sort of

Modern Family has both infuriated and empowered LGBT viewers. Arguments against it (or at least mine) say(s) that gay couple… Read More

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Is ‘Modern Family’ Trying to Become More Modern?

Last night, on the fifth-season premiere of Modern Family, longtime gay couple Cameron and Mitchell got engaged. This is the closest the show has gotten to making what could be called a political statement — the episode begins with the two celebrating the Supreme Court’s reversal of DOMA back in June — and despite a few moments of actual solid commentary (patriarch Jay Pritchett says something about people obtaining “gay marriage licenses,” to which his grandson replies, “I think they’re just marriage licenses”), the episode was pretty agenda-free, focusing more on Cam and Mitch’s bumbling attempts to out-propose each other with the help of the family. Considering the show’s somewhat tame and sexless treatment of the couple, could this indicate a move on Modern Family‘s part to depict them as an actual, normal gay couple? … Read More

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Flavorwire’s 2013 Primetime Emmy Picks and Predictions

The Primetime Emmy Awards are Friday night, and the broad strokes of the ceremony are pretty easy to guess at: Neil Patrick Harris will charmingly sing and dance, Breaking Bad will win a bunch of stuff, and the whole thing will run about 40 minutes too long. But let’s get into some specific predictions: Flavorwire has carefully considered the nominees, consulted with various prognosticators, and worked up the following list of Emmy predictions that will surely win your betting pool. (Do people do those for the Emmys?) And just for good measure, we’ve thrown in our own picks in each category as well. Here we go: … Read More

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