12 Essential Mobile Apps for New York Culture Lovers

There are bigger problems in the world, but the process of tracking down and mastering a core set of apps for your Apple or Android phone can be overwhelming, especially in the center of the cultural universe that is New York City. For getting directions (Google Maps) or grabbing dinner (Yelp, Urbanspoon, Seamless) there’s a pretty clear consensus on the best choices, but when it comes to finding art or music shows, working out bike routes that won’t get you killed, or… deciphering the colors of the Empire State Building’s lights, it’s not nearly as obvious where to look. Here’s a list of apps that should satisfy the cravings of nearly any smartphone-wielding, culture-loving New Yorker. … Read More

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Children’s Hilarious and Adorable Critiques of Famous Modern Artworks

“It looks like a polka-dotted chicken.” “I don’t like the blue. It’s too much eye shadow.” This isn’t your mother’s art criticism — which totally makes sense because it comes straight from the mouths of children. “MoMA Unadulterated” is a series of clips created by Audio Tour Hacks that capture the thoughts of kids aged three through ten on a slew of masterpieces from the museum’s collection. As you might imagine, the youngsters’ critiques are equal parts funny, cute, and insightful. Click through to see the trailer for the alternate audio tour and a few of our favorite quotes about Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and more, then visit Audio Tour Hacks to stream the segments or download the whole thing in preparation for your next MoMA trip. … Read More

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Photo Highlights from MoMA’s Survey of 20th Century Design for Kids

At the turn of the last century, Ellen Key, a Swedish social theorist, design reformer, and key figure in the Modern Breakthrough movement, predicted that the next 100 years would be the century of the child. In an enchanting exhibition of the same name, the Museum of Modern Art presents a survey of design for children named after Key’s incredibly influential book that inadvertently became a call to action challenging designers the world over to encourage imagination. As the exhibition catalogue states, “working specifically for children has often provided unique freedom and creativity to the avant-garde.”

MoMA’s ambitious show is a stunning representation of the invention of childhood and the design it inspired. Spanning every medium, from graphic design to furniture design, the bold show includes fantastical wooden puppets, geometric wardrobes, miniature linen coats, inflatable giraffes, and space age play structures that celebrate the wonder of childhood. From radical wooden wheelbarrows to the coolest red scooter you’ve ever seen, click through to preview this must-see exhibit. … Read More

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Chip Simone’s Amazing Street Photography

A street photographer since the mid-’60s, Chip Simone studied at the Rhode Island School of Design with Modernist-master Harry Callahan and shot classic black-and-white pictures for years before jumping on the digital train in 2000. Since turning to faster cameras and color imagery, Simone has built an impressive body of work, which he makes by walking and cycling through cities up and down the East Coast. Collected by major museums, as well as Elton John, who’s a connoisseur of the medium, Simone has an eye for the uncanny and a keen awareness of how photography can magically parallel painting and sculpture. With a decade of work currently on view at New York’s Steven Kasher Gallery and a recent monograph and museum survey under his belt, Simone is definitely one to watch — especially after so many years of pounding the streets. Click through a selection of our favorite images. … Read More

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Strange But True: ‘Kraftwerk’ Was Trending on Twitter

Wondering why Kraftwerk was suddenly a trending topic on Twitter earlier today? The band is performing their entire back catalogue at MoMA over the course of eight nights in April, the tickets for their residency — which went on sale at noon — are now completely sold out. Apparently the entire process was a virtual debacle, and plenty of people who were held captive by captcha or kept waiting in a queue for over an hour walked away angry and empty-handed. Not that we’d ever find pleasure in the pain of others, but some really hilarious tweets resulted from their incredible frustration. Click through for a selection of our favorites, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you were one of the lucky few who managed to score a pair of tickets to see the German electronic pioneers live. … Read More

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How to Have Fun Over the Holidays Without Leaving Home

It always feels like we’re pining for more free time during the holiday hustle, but often, when we’re faced with a few days at home to ourselves, we’re too spent to figure out how to enjoy them. Inspired by the release of the all-new Madden NFL 12 from our friends at EA Sports, we decided to spotlight some rewarding holiday activities you can enjoy in your newly discovered down time. Whether you’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving at home this year by choice or by consequence, we’ve come up with ten ways (Madden included) to keep you entertained — and none of them involve stepping foot out the front door. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Exciting news for fans of opening musical medleys and movie spoofs: Billy Crystal is returning to host the Oscars for what will now be his ninth time. Not exactly the most interesting choice that the Academy could have made, but given the recent PR roller coaster they’ve been on, perhaps that’s for the best.… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. There are some troubling rumors that Amy and Rory (played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the current season. More details (along with a few spoilers) here.

2. A slightly squashed down version of famous French architect Jean Nouvel’s hotly-debated MoMA tower has… Read More

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What Were the Most Popular Art Exhibitions of 2010?

Suffice it to say that The Art Newspaper‘s 17th ­annual survey of exhibition attendance ­figures contains a few surprises — namely the fact that a brainy look at the intersection of photography and sculpture beat out Marina Abramović’s buzzed-about retrospective, and not one, but two of the shows in the top 10 feature the work of Japanese master painter, Hasegawa Tohaku. Click through to see which other exhibitions topped the list, and head over to The Art Newspaper for the full breakdown. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Waiting for Godot in New Orleans

Paul Chan’s Waiting for Godot in New Orleans chronicles the inspiration and production behind the artist’s 2007 theatrical experiment of the same name, through original artwork, interviews, and extensive photo-documentation.

The publication, released by Creative Time, offers insight into the imagination of a young artist, moved by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to re-conceptualize Samuel Beckett’s seminal work of absurdist theatre as a site-specific project, set amid the wasteland of watching and waiting that the devastated city had become. … Read More

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