P.S.1 Launches Into Autumn Via Portal to 1969

MoMA’s contemporary exhibition outpost P.S.1 kicked off its season opener on Sunday under a sharp autumn sun, all the better to highlight the location (a former school in Long Island City), the architecture (especially a Bedouin tent-structure by MOS design in the courtyard) and crowd (a mix of fashion and art types ranging from Pratt students to stylist and editor Camilla Nickerson). Current offerings in the alternative space include the likes of photographer Robert Bergman, installation artist Chitra Ganesh, and multimedia stage artist William Kentridge, though the main event is surely 1969, a survey of modern art from MoMA’s permanent collection that was produced in the final year of the swinging ’60s. Exclusive photos after the… Read More

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No Age’s New York Take Over

Dean Spunt and Randy Randall jump started No Age in 2007 with five EPs on five labels. These fed Weirdo Rippers, their first full-length release. At just over thirty minutes, in many aspects Weirdo Rippers may well have been just another EP, but critical acclaim suggested it was something more. It played as a succinct introduction, a primer to the L.A. drums and guitar duo who these days, we can’t get stop hearing… Read More

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The Building Framed as Beast: Jean Nouvel’s MoMA Monster

Have you seen the “Say No to the MoMA” ad? It makes Jean Nouvel’s proposed MoMA Tower look like a rabid King Kong, casting ominous shadows across midtown Manhattan. It also suggests that this building — unlike the scores of skyscrapers that have gone up over the past century — will block the entire skyline. It would be rather funny if the alarmist attitude wasn’t holding up progress on what is such a bold, exciting… Read More

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Bauhaus at the MoMA: A Very Long Essay That Develops a Proposition

I’ve always considered the MoMA’s sixth floor as the place to escape from the otherwise escapist’s ultimate playground. It’s where the intelligentsia, the freelancers, the art history students and the discerning tourists alike all co-mingle, satisfied at having bypassed the hordes who are arrhythmically struggling to catch an unobstructed glimpse of a Picasso or Cézanne. If the sixth floor were a busy sidewalk, its inhabitants understand basic pedestrian… Read More

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Ron Arad: Hat Maker, Design World Daredevil

Ron Arad, whose show Ron Arad: No Discipline opened at the MoMA in August, recently gave a talk at the 92nd Street Y as a part of their “Dialogues with Design Legends” series. While the dialogue in question was meant to be between moderator Daniella Ohad-Smith and Arad, the talk quickly became an open forum between Arad and his audience. From the moment he walked on stage in a hat that looked like a stiff milkmaid’s bonnet and opened his lecture with “Any questions?,” it was a… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Ellen Degeneres will be American Idol‘s fourth judge in the show’s upcoming ninth season. [via The Daily Beast]
2. The New York City Planning Commission chopped 200 feet off of Jean Nouvel’s midtown tower, assuring that it will not rival the Empire State Building in height or muck up the Manhattan skyline.… Read More

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Affordable Art: Tamara Thomsen’s Watercolor Chambers

Tamara Thomsen makes the bones of old homes beautiful. In her large-scale watercolor paintings, spare and elegant architecture is rendered ageless and glamorous in jeweled washes of lime, lemon, magenta and turquoise. Her most recent series, Chambers memorializes Benedict Arnold’s former home, Philadelphia’s neoclassical landmark, Mount Pleasant Mansion.… Read More

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MoMA’s Nouvel Tower Not Making Friends on the Playground

A group calling itself The Coalition for Responsible Midtown Development, a branch of the neighborhood block association surrounding New York’s Museum of Modern Art, has put up its dukes and is ready to scrap. The coalition has created a website to collect opinions and criticism of MoMA’s projected Jean Nouvel tower, currently awaiting approval and already making a nuisance. All the dirt and video proof after the… Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: ArtBabble

Online forum ArtBabble has museums like the Guggenheim and MoMA riding the digital wave with original video contributions.

The site features exclusive content from visual heavy hitters such as the Museum of Art & Design and Art Institute of Chicago, as well as a platform for user-generated discussion. Visitors can watch lectures from the 2009 International Design Symposium, scope demos of the art-installation process, and preview Season 5 of PBS series Art:21, all providing a diverse bird’s-eye view of the world of contemporary art. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Kim & Thurston, 1983

For this fine Wednesday’s pictorial pick we decided to pay homage to the king and queen of rock’n’roll couples (and our Soho neighbors) Kim and Thurston. This picture, taken by Stephanie Chernikowski in 1983, is on view in the Looking at Music: Side 2 exhibition opening today at MoMA.

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