10 Installations That Resemble Famous Works of Art

Every year the London Design Festival draws visitors from around the world to celebrate the UK city as a creative capital. Designers and architects are commissioned to create installations in London’s public spaces that explore innovative techniques. An M.C. Escher-inspired staircase installation that will appear outside St Paul’s Cathedral caught our eye on Phaidon (featured after the jump). There have been other installation works that borrowed from the fine art world. Here are 10 that resemble famous works of art and reinvigorate our appreciation for the classics. … Read More

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The 20 Most Beautiful Museums in the World

[Editor’s note: It’s Labor Day, so your devoted Flavorwire team is taking a break. To keep you entertained, we’re leaving you with our most popular features of the summer months. This post originally ran July 7th.]
This week, we were blown away by this gorgeous concept for a “spiral garden museum” in Taipei, which sadly didn’t make it into the final round of the design competition and thus will never become a reality. Though we’re disappointed, the project reminded us of the gloriously beautiful museums that already exist in our wide world, so to bind our wounds over the Taipei garden museum (and to indulge in a little architecture candy) we’ve collected twenty of the most lovely here. After all, what better way to store and display some of the world’s greatest artwork than in a structure as well-designed and beautiful as the art itself? Click through to see our picks for the most beautiful museums from all over the world, and if we’ve missed your favorite — or if the Guggenheim makes you gag — let us know which ones you’d choose in the comments! … Read More

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The Art World Redefined Through Contemporary Slang

A recent article in The Guardian brought attention to Urban Dictionary entries that redefine the giants of literature through contemporary slang. They range from the stupid (JK Rowling: being under the effects of cannabis (J) and ketamine (K)), to the sublime (Kerouac: to wander aimlessly for the giddy thrill). The New York Daily News cited the entries as being a “history of literature as seen by millions of 17-year-olds today,” but as The Guardian points out, some familiarity with the writer’s canon is required to make the quips successful — which means there has to be some literacy at play here.

We wanted to see if the same rules applied to the art world, so we clung to our brain cells (just in case) and went digging through Urban Dictionary’s website for slang versions of famous artists and related works. See what we found past the break, and let us know if you have your own redefinitions to contribute. (Diebenkorn, for instance, is just screaming for appropriation.) … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Of Montreal has announced that their 10th studio album will be called False Priest and is due out on September 14. [via NME]
2. Watch a clip of Brian Wilson in the studio reimagining the work of George Gershwin. [via USA Today]
3. Janeane Garofalo is in negotiations to join… Read More

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